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Dear Tired Mama, It’s Time to Relax and Enjoy Christmas

Sock - Christmas Day

By Jessica Wolstenholm

Dear Tired Mama, You’ve decked the halls and braved the malls . . . you’ve counted down with Bible verses and magical moments . . . you’ve planned and prepped and perhaps even packed the car with more stuff than anyone should need for 5 days with family a few states away. Maybe you still need […]

A Hope-Filled Mother’s Day Prayer

By Editorial Team

A Mother’s Prayer Written by Katie Blackburn Heavenly Father, How amazing it is to remember that Your plan for motherhood has always been good. Before You spoke the world into motion, before the day was separated from the night and the land distinguished from the ocean, as You breathed life into man, You knew that […]

Finding the Courage to Move in Motherhood

By Jessica Wolstenholm

I have this odd hang-up about being in control. It doesn’t always show up in my everyday life but it affects my ability to do things like snow skiing, roller skating, even bike riding. I simply can’t allow an object connected to my body have control over my movement. It’s completely unnerving to think that […]

What Mary Can Teach Us About Motherhood

By Jessica Wolstenholm

This Sunday we celebrate our mothers. It’s probably impossible to look at motherhood, through God’s plan, without looking at Mary the mother of Jesus. Is there any other woman in history whose role is better defined as that of a mother than Mary? The Messiah could have come to earth as a fully-grown man. God […]