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How to Talk to Kids About Easter

By Editorial Team

Celebrate Easter with Minno Watch the Laugh and Grow Bible Easter Special to help your kids understand the love and sacrifice of Jesus! Check out this special Raising Boys and Girls podcast episode on how to talk to your kids about Easter featuring Minno’s Director of Education and Faith Formation! At Minno, we know how […]

Guiding Kids Into Faith Through Gentle Invitation

By Matt Charbonneau

Back when I was single and seeking a relationship, I often felt frustrated meeting girls. Actually, meeting them never seemed to be a problem – it was catching their interest that was difficult.  It was after several failed experiences that some trusted friends and family members gently asked if I was trying too hard in […]

Finding the Courage to Move in Motherhood

By Jessica Wolstenholm

I have this odd hang-up about being in control. It doesn’t always show up in my everyday life but it affects my ability to do things like snow skiing, roller skating, even bike riding. I simply can’t allow an object connected to my body have control over my movement. It’s completely unnerving to think that […]