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Where God’s goodness comes to life in stories kids love.

What is Minno?

Minno is the leading voice around the globe for using media to spark kids' imaginations and curiosity around God and the Bible.

We connect families through media that creates shared faith experiences, supporting parents and grownups, and paving the way for enduring spiritual growth in children.

Our Mission

Minno uses the power of media to invite kids into God’s Story and help them experience Jesus everyday, in every way — on and off screens.

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Our Work

Kids First!

At every touchpoint, we demonstrate our expertise with kids. Because we understand our audience, we can create content that is genuinely exciting, inspiring, engaging, and age-appropriate — content that kids care about. Minno partners with experts in media, child development, education, and theology to make sure we get it right! 

Committed to Excellence

Every single show on Minno goes through a rigorous 50+ point checkpoint system to ensure that it meets our high standards. Christian kids deserve excellence, and Minno delivers!

Leading the Way 

Only Minno creates best-in-class Christian kids content through fun original shows that nurture faith formation! Minno’s signature originals immerse kids in stories they love with characters they can relate to. Produced in partnership with top industry talent, our original shows incorporate Minno’s Education and Faith Formation Guidelines which are grounded in current research and industry best practices.

Faith First, Worry-Free

At Minno, you can hit play and feel okay! Minno is a safe, faith-first destination where grownups can exhale, trusting that kids are spending time with content that supports Christian values. Minno wants kids to be safe, happy, healthy, and to grow and experience all God has for them. And we're here to help!

The #1 Christian App for Kids!

Become a Minno member today! Join thousands of families who already subscribe and start streaming or downloading our shows and devotionals!

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