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7 Ways to Build Courage in Kids

By Minno

Want to raise kids who have courage? The Bible tells us God is the source of their courage and research says you can help them develop this God-given character trait. Picture this: Your kid stands under a tree in your front yard. His hands grip the branch above him. He reaches his feet out toward […]

How to Talk to Your Kids About 9/11

9/11 Memorial & Museum - World Trade Center

By Editorial Team

I recently heard a teenager say she loved attending the 9/11 memorial service in our town because she “loves history”. I almost laughed because Tuesday, September 11, 2001, doesn’t seem like history to me. It seems like yesterday. I wonder if my grandmother, born in 1930 would have laughed if I told her Pearl Harbor […]

How To Write A Family Mission Statement

Maternity Centre - Family

By Jessica Wolstenholm

In today’s culture, we’re all about sharing stories. We flock to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to tell our tale through daily photos and to watch the story of others’ lives unfold in our feed. The more we have access to the story of others, the more we wonder about our own. Comparison […]

Dear Tired Mama, It’s Time to Relax and Enjoy Christmas

Sock - Christmas Day

By Jessica Wolstenholm

Dear Tired Mama, You’ve decked the halls and braved the malls . . . you’ve counted down with Bible verses and magical moments . . . you’ve planned and prepped and perhaps even packed the car with more stuff than anyone should need for 5 days with family a few states away. Maybe you still need […]