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How to Teach Kids About the Bible

By Jessica Wolstenholm

Wondering how to teach kids about the Bible? Not sure where to start? Overwhelmed by the Bible yourself? Most grownups haven’t attended seminary or have experience teaching the Bible. Yet we’re tasked with teaching children God’s great story (Deuteronomy 6) and how to apply it to their lives (Proverbs 22:6). The beauty of God’s Word […]

When You Don’t Know What to Do or Say . . . Pray

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By Jessica Wolstenholm

This has been a hard week for the world. When things get hard and ugly outside the walls of our homes, it is a natural reaction to hide our heads under the covers and pretend everything is okay despite the groans of the world around us. Life can be uncomfortable and overwhelming and oftentimes we […]

How to Help Your Kids Grow Through Their Emotions

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By Erick Goss

Emotions are a story I have had to confront. Over and over.   Emotions are not entirely natural for me. I want to value my facts over my emotions. I’m ex-military. An entrepreneur. I’ve been part of the early days at companies that are now household names. I like to solve problems, analyze data, and move […]

Introducing Minno Life Guides

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By Editorial Team

Have you ever wished you had a parenting and child development expert you could call on at any given moment of any given day? We get that, because we do, too! Which is why the Minno team has been working with some of today’s top Christian experts in counseling to bring you the best research-based […]