Help Kids Regulate Emotions with Our Latest Minno Life Guide

By Editorial Team


Tired of feeling driven by emotions—yours and your child’s? Our latest Minno Life Guide is here to help! 

Parenting is an emotional journey! One minute kids are laughing and the next they are having a tantrum, often causing parents to want to meltdown themselves! Emotions are a part of how God created us and when we teach our kids how to respond to and regulate their emotions, we prepare them to live healthy lives. 

Our latest Minno Life Guide, Emotions, brings together the expertise and insight of seasoned child and family counselors Sissy Goff, David Thomas, and Melissa Trevathan. A thoughtfully curated overview of the science and stages of emotional growth, this mini ebook guides grownups on how to navigate the ups and downs of feelings with practical tips on how to respond in a way that will foster a child’s healthy emotional life.

How can the Emotions Minno Life Guide help your family?

  • Learn the science behind a child’s emotional development to better understand their journey.
  • Use the included Feelings Chart to help kids recognize and name their emotions.
  • Discover emotional milestones and ways to help children reach them by learning to regulate their big, often confusing feelings.
  • Understand the challenges to developing emotional intelligence and how to overcome them.
  • Dig into what the Bible says about emotions.
  • Find specific insight for girls and boys to help guide children according to the way God uniquely created them.


Raising healthy kids isn’t just about making sure they get good food and exercise. A child’s well-being includes their physical, spiritual, and emotional selves. The Emotions Minno Life Guide helps parents lead kids in navigating their emotional world to develop wholehearted, healthy emotional lives.

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