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The Light of Epiphany: Hope for the New Year

epiphany hope for the new year

By Jessica Wolstenholm

There’s a bright light shining through our front window. The curtains fell down one evening in December while my husband and I were watching TV. We heard a crash and rushed to the dining room to see our front window curtains on top of my buffet, the one filled with my china. Thankfully, nothing was […]

Dear Tired Mama, It’s Time to Relax and Enjoy Christmas

Sock - Christmas Day

By Jessica Wolstenholm

Dear Tired Mama, You’ve decked the halls and braved the malls . . . you’ve counted down with Bible verses and magical moments . . . you’ve planned and prepped and perhaps even packed the car with more stuff than anyone should need for 5 days with family a few states away. Maybe you still need […]

Christmas Conversation Starters for Families

Father - Family

By Editorial Team

‘Tis the season to relax and connect by the fire as a family. Don’t have a fireplace? No worries! Watch Minno Mantle to set the mood in your home as you bake cookies, wrap gifts, or enjoy some hot cocoa by the “fire”. And while you’re relaxing together, use these Christmas conversation starters to share […]

New Show on Minno: Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids Animated Series

By Jessica Wolstenholm

Based on the award-winning Bible! Join Minno kids Margot, Lexi, Miguel, and Logan on an exciting journey through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Learn God’s big story through each episode featuring beloved Bible moments, curious questions, and a whole lot of fun! Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids Series Details Whimsical and fun, narrated […]

What Does the Bible Say About Christmas?

Parent - Father

By Jessica Wolstenholm

What does the Bible say about Christmas? Well, quite a lot. In fact, since Christmas is the story of God sending His son Jesus to earth as a baby, most of the Bible points to and sets the stage for Christmas. My favorite device in the Bible for telling the Christmas story is a really […]

The Christmas Story for Kids: Luke 2:10-14

By Editorial Team

This past Sunday of Advent, we sat together with only the faint glow of the Christmas tree lighting the room. It was time to do our weekly reading and candle-lighting. As I began to share the HOPE of Advent that came long ago with Old Testament prophesies, I wondered how much my children (ages 12 […]

Who and Where is Emmanuel in the Bible?

By Jessica Wolstenholm

Who is Emmanuel in the Bible? We hear a lot about “Emmanuel” at Christmas, but who is Emmanuel? The word Emmanuel appears 4 times in the Bible—three times in Isaiah and once in Matthew. Emmanuel means “God with us” and is a name for Jesus. The Meaning of the Word, “Emmanuel” The word “Emmanuel” comes […]