The Christmas Story for Kids: Luke 2:10-14

By Editorial Team

Luke 2 10 Christmas Verse

This past Sunday of Advent, we sat together with only the faint glow of the Christmas tree lighting the room. It was time to do our weekly reading and candle-lighting. As I began to share the HOPE of Advent that came long ago with Old Testament prophesies, I wondered how much my children (ages 12 and 9) would remember. After all, we’d been learning and re-learning the story year after year after year. To my delight, they were able to respond to several of my prompts with the knowledge we’d worked so hard to instill. And yet, there were details and definitions they couldn’t remember . . . my motivation to continue teaching them about the arrival of their Savior.

In the midst of all of the decorations and wish lists and seasonal treats, what Christian parents want more than anything is for their children to understand the true meaning of Christmas. We use family devotionals and countdown calendars to create a magical and meaningful experience for our kids each year. At Minno, we understand the opportunities that the holiday seasons and church calendar provide in creating a rhythm for families to grow in faith. This is why we are committed to sharing resources and tools you can use to delight and disciple your kids—every day of the year, but especially during the holidays.

When we gathered as a team to decide what our theme would be for Christmas 2020, we agreed that what families really needed this year was some joy-filled good news! Despite all of the difficulties of this unprecedented year, with all of its ups and downs and changes, we know the One who never changes is the reason we celebrate. We found great comfort and joy in the traditional Christmas reading of Luke 2:10-14. So we gathered together some of the cutest kids we could find and captured their excitement as they read the Christmas story, to share good tidings of great joy with you and yours!

We’ve put together a host of tools so that your kids can join their chorus and memorize this powerful reading of Scripture as they grow to understand the true gift of Christmas each year. We pray that each word would be hidden deep within their hearts and that the joy of teaching your children about the hope of Jesus would bring more peace than you ever thought possible this year.

Merry Christmas from our Minno family to yours!


Download this printable verse—it’s in our Minno Christmas Family Fun Guide—to get your kids started in memorizing the Christmas story as told in Luke 2:10-14.

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