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Five Scriptures About Christmas Children Should Know

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By Minno

We’ve all watched him. The one with the blanket-clad head as he stands up and recites the verses from Luke. Every year on TV, Linus from the Peanuts Gang, quotes the Christmas scripture that so many recognize. Would you be able to quote as he does? Would your children? Are you as convicted as I […]

The Stories Behind Popular Christmas Carols

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By Jessica Wolstenholm

Can you imagine a world without Christmas? What about Christmas without carols? At one time in America, that’s exactly what happened. In the 1600s, some influential Christians didn’t like how “commercial” Christmas had become, so the colony in Massachusetts banned celebrating the holiday, and that ban lasted for over twenty years. [1] It’s hard to […]

Countdown to Christmas with this Minno Family Fun Guide

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By Editorial Team

We invite you and your family to celebrate Christmas with Minno! Download our FREE Christmas Family Fun Guide with daily activities to help make your holiday merry and bright (and meaningful)! Countdown to Christmas with our Family Fun Calendar including daily activities that will connect you to God and each other  Start a new Advent […]

A Fresh Perspective on Advent

Christmas Day - Advent

By Erick Goss

Think about five words for a moment: Hope. Peace. Joy. Love. Surrender. “Well, Erick,” you might say, “Aren’t we all experts at surrender right now? It is 2020 after all.” True. We have all surrendered a lot this year. Sometimes, we welcome the opportunity for a change of pace. But most likely, you have dug […]

The History of Christmas

By Melanie Rainer

What is the history of Christmas? Did you know that Christmas didn’t become an official holiday in the United States until 1870? And you may have noticed that nowhere in the Bible is a festival of Christ’s birth celebrated. It was several hundred years after Jesus’s death that the Church created a “Feast of the […]

How to Talk to Your Kids About Different Holiday Traditions

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By Melanie Rainer

When I was a kid, everything from the end of November to the end of December was Christmas. TV was full of Christmas movies and episodes of my favorite shows. We had Christmas parties at school, at church, at gymnastics. It was magical! But it was very narrow.  Christmas, or the overly-secularized, gift-centric holiday that […]