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The History of Christmas

By Melanie Rainer

What is the history of Christmas? Did you know that Christmas didn’t become an official holiday in the United States until 1870? And you may have noticed that nowhere in the Bible is a festival of Christ’s birth celebrated. It was several hundred years after Jesus’s death that the Church created a “Feast of the […]

5 Amazing Women in Church History

By Melanie Rainer

Church history is full of stories of amazing, inspiring men—Martin Luther, John Wycliffe, William Tyndale, Billy Graham, the list goes on and on and on. But Church history was also impacted deeply by many women! These women faced incredible obstacles and loved Jesus, and the Church still rejoices in their contributions today.  We’re raising Christian […]

Church History for Kids: What are Sacraments?

Communion cup - First Communion

By Melanie Rainer

Sacraments are outward signs of our internal faith; they are practices that engage our senses (smell, taste, sight, feel, and sound) to regularly remind us of God’s grace. Sacraments are expressions of our faith that kids likely observe on a regular basis, but may have a lot of questions about! Because sacraments are physical and […]

Church History for Kids: What is the Church Calendar?

Candle - Votive Candle

By Melanie Rainer

We mark the passing of time in many different ways: by naming the seasons (summer, fall, winter, spring), or by noting the days and months of the year, or by celebrating specific anniversaries. But did you know that the Church also has its own calendar, and has for thousands of years? It does!  The Church […]

Church History for Kids: Why Were Early Christians Hurt and Mistreated?

Concept - Repentance

By Melanie Rainer

Church history is full of adventures, triumphs, scary seasons, and so many stories of God’s amazing faithfulness to His people. Church history stretches all the way back to the earliest days of the church, right after Jesus died and rose again, until today!  When you are teaching your kids about church history, there are definitely […]

Church History for Kids: How Did the Early Church Pray?

Minno - Protestantism

By Melanie Rainer

How did prayer start? Well, prayer, which is the practice of talking to God, goes all the way back to the garden of Eden when Adam and Eve walked and talked with God every day. The Bible is full of stories that involve talking to God, and the book of Acts is especially notable!  The […]