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6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Christmas Break

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By Melanie Norman

Que the Christmas Music! It’s almost time for Christmas break! The kids will be out of school, there will be no rigorous schedule to follow and families can finally spend quality, uninterrupted time together. This year has certainly brought along some challenges for many families, so we want to give you some fun ideas of […]

How to Teach Kids to Give (not just get!) at Christmas

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By Melanie Rainer

When my daughter first became old enough to understand the gifting part of Christmas, my own reflexes surprised me.  What do you want for Christmas this year? I would ask. Ooooh, is that something you would want for Christmas? Christmas is coming, maybe you’ll get that toy then!  Even as the words started tumbling out […]

Minno Christmas Gift Guide: Meaningful Ideas for Kids and Adults

Christmas decoration - Christmas Day

By Stephanie Thomas

Two months ago, the first Christmas catalog of the year arrived in the mail. Per tradition, I tossed it on the kitchen table with a blue and green marker—different colors to designate the interests of each kid.  It didn’t take long. Within minutes, every item on every page sat inside a crooked circle—or two. And […]

10 Christ-Centered Christmas Books for Kids

Christmas Day - Santa Claus

By Melanie Norman

“Mommy, tonight is my turn to pick the book, right?” he says. “Yes, it is Shane, and I’m so excited to see what you picked for us to read tonight.” As my son runs to his room, our family gathers together in the living room by the fireplace with warm blankets and hot chocolate. Shane […]

What is Advent?

Advent - Christmas Day

By Editorial Team

Many families are familiar with Advent Christmas countdowns as made popular by adorable daily calendars flooding our Pinterest feeds throughout the fall. But Advent has been observed for centuries, long before treat-filled houses with numbered doors or chocolate and toy companies offered a way for kids to count the days of December in anticipation of […]

New on Minno: Bethel Music Kids Christmas Party

Bethel Music Kids - Bethel Music Kids Christmas Party

By Editorial Team

Celebrate the birth of Jesus with Bethel Music Kids! Follow along this beautiful reading and reenactment of the Christmas story from Luke and Isaiah then worship with the team as they sing uplifting arrangements of your favorite Christmas songs! Bethel Music Kids: Christmas Party Series Details Recommended Age: Any Song Length: 3-5 Minutes Format: Live-Action/Lyrics Video […]

Minno Christmas Coloring Page Printable

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By Editorial Team

Merry Christmas from all of us here at Minno! We pray your family is fueled by joy and creativity this season. To that end, please enjoy this Minno Christmas Coloring Page featuring our very own MAX the Minnow! More ways to engage your kids in conversations that matter this holiday season: Watch our Big Questions […]