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Interview with Fred Vassallo, Bethel Music Kids Choreographer

By Editorial Team

Minno’s Jessica Wolstenholm sat down with Fred Vasallo, choreographer for Bethel Music Kids. They discussed faith, dancing as mission, and parenting in an entertainment-saturated world. Check out Fred’s work on Minno.  Jessica: Well, so good to have you with us and so good to have your amazing content on Minno. So Fred, why don’t you […]

New on Minno: Bethel Music Kids Christmas Party

Bethel Music Kids - Bethel Music Kids Christmas Party

By Editorial Team

Celebrate the birth of Jesus with Bethel Music Kids! Follow along this beautiful reading and reenactment of the Christmas story from Luke and Isaiah then worship with the team as they sing uplifting arrangements of your favorite Christmas songs! Bethel Music Kids: Christmas Party Series Details Recommended Age: Any Song Length: 3-5 Minutes Format: Live-Action/Lyrics Video […]

New Worship Music on Minno: Bethel Kids Come Alive

Bethel Music Kids - Come Alive

By Editorial Team

Worship is a powerful way to connect a child’s heart to God because music is something they understand and are generally interested in. These days, worship music often sounds a lot like other popular forms of music, making it more accessible for young listeners. At Minno, we are always on the lookout for fun, kid-friendly […]