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Interview with Fred Vassallo, Bethel Music Kids Choreographer

By Editorial Team

Minno’s Jessica Wolstenholm sat down with Fred Vasallo, choreographer for Bethel Music Kids. They discussed faith, dancing as mission, and parenting in an entertainment-saturated world. Check out Fred’s work on Minno.  Jessica: Well, so good to have you with us and so good to have your amazing content on Minno. So Fred, why don’t you […]

Interview with Kids Content Creator, Tone Thyne

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By Editorial Team

We are honored to have Tone Thyne on the blog today. Tone is the co-creator of The Adventures of Napkin Man, a new show just added to Minno! Take a few minutes and enjoy this conversation about children’s media, social-emotional learning, and how the right delivery of powerful messages can help kids make the world […]

Raising Worshipers: An Interview with Yancy

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By Editorial Team

We invited beloved kids worship leader, Yancy, to be our guest on Minno Life today to celebrate the launch of a brand new Minno 5 Minute Family Devotional: Yancy’s Little Praise Party 5 Minute Family Devotional Read our interview and be inspired then keep scrolling to check out all of the many ways to worship […]