It’s Not Too Late to Celebrate Advent

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It’s Not Too Late to Celebrate Advent . . .

We’ve all been the tired Christmas mama before—the one who braved the malls (maybe stayed up way too late on Amazon), decked the halls, and planned ALL the holiday meals.

Today, on this week-after-the-Sunday-of-Advent, we want to encourage the mom who feels like she’s already let the family down . . . just a few days into the season.

That Advent candle didn’t get lit. 

It’s a miracle you even got out the door Sunday morning. Church was busy. Then lunch. Then an afternoon activity or much-needed naps. Then, of course, someone was grumpy before dinner. Or, maybe you were just catching a breather since Thanksgiving and Christmas are so close this year and your calendar is filled with so many things. Maybe you haven’t even pulled out the decorations yet.

It’s OK. Don’t think about it another minute. What you missed is just a day on the calendar.  

Thankfully, the messages of Advent can’t ever be missed. The message of HOPE, PEACE, JOY, and LOVE. 

The Hope of Advent

There’s a reason the first Sunday of Advent is all about hope. But hope may be the last thing you are feeling right about now. Maybe it’s the first year your kids are old enough to start to engage in the Advent tradition. And when it didn’t happen on Sunday, some of your hope for your Christmas season got a little dimmer. 

But hope isn’t a feeling at all. Hope is the belief that God will fulfill His promises. Hope was evident in Abraham when God promised His blessing, and hope was carried throughout the Bible, all the way to the long-awaited arrival of a baby—Emmanuel, God’s promised blessing. 

Hope doesn’t live in a candle, a day, a wreath, or a single moment. Hope lives through ages and generations, the good and the hard times. Because hope is rooted in who God says He is. Hope is a message that doesn’t go away, fade, or get any less meaningful. Even when our plans don’t pan out. 

Hope for the Last-Minute Mama (we’ve all been there)

It’s not too late. It never really is. Look up a Bible verse on hopepeacejoy – or love and share it with your family. It can take just 5 minutes. Or, download the free Minno Advent Family Devotional. There are no rules on how to do it well or requirements to do it perfectly. The whole goal is to orient your heart toward Jesus as you anticipate the celebration of His arrival. However perfectly imperfect that looks for your family, what’s important is shifting your focus on Him this season.

Why Advent?

At Christmas, we remember God came to be with us. Emmanuel.

The season of Advent helps us pause to recognize that Jesus came once and that He will come again. Our hearts long for the day Jesus returns, and Advent helps us to look back to His first coming and restore our hope in His second coming.  

Christ has come, Christ has died, Christ has risen, and at Advent, we remember that Christ will come again. Until then, we live in the tension of the already/not yet of Jesus’ presence and what that means for our own humanity. The season of Advent is meant to bring hope and purpose to our tension, not guilt from unrealized expectations.

It’s Not Too Late to Download the Minno Advent Family Devotional and Join Us This Year!

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There are several traditional formats that Advent readings can follow. This devotional follows the Hope / Peace / Joy / Love message tradition.


We pray you feel the hope of Jesus in the midst of whatever you do (or don’t get to do) with your family this season.