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4th of July Coloring Page from Minno

Pencil - Family

By Editorial Team

Download this FREE Minno coloring page for the 4th of July featuring our friend, Max! Celebrate independence day with Max and some colored pencils, crayons, or markers. While you are coloring, check out this post on how to talk to your kids about independence day to help you spark conversations that matter this holiday! Download […]

How to Talk to Your Kids About Independence Day

United States - United States Declaration of Independence

By Melanie Rainer

Americans love a reason to celebrate! Is there any other national holiday that is quite as exciting as the 4th of July? Close your eyes and think about the many Independence Days you have celebrated. What comes to mind? Barbecues, sunshine, lemonade, the feeling of grass beneath your feet, horseshoes, pie-eating contests, hot dogs, swimming, […]

10 Kid-Led Ways to Celebrate Dad This Father’s Day

By Melanie Norman

“No! When my dad grills he always puts rocks in the grill first! We need more rocks!” This was my youthful response to my cousin, who was helping me grill for Father’s Day. My mom had surprised my dad with a brand new grill for Father’s Day. And an eager 8-year-old me decided that in […]

Help Your Kids Understand the Meaning of Memorial Day

Arlington National Cemetery - Cemetery

By Editorial Team

What does Memorial Day look like in your home? Like many Americans, it probably looks like kicking off summer with a barbecue, a road trip, or a beach vacation. Memorial Day is the official-unofficial start to summer vacation. But it is also a holiday with important meaning as we honor soldiers who have lost their […]

After Easter: The Way of Forgiveness

By Erick Goss

If you asked your kids to repeat what they know about Easter, they might say: “Jesus died for our sins. We ask for His forgiveness. Jesus rose from the dead!”  That is true. And it is a simple, yet incredibly profound series of actions that we did celebrate last weekend.  Christ, the initiator of our […]

How to Talk to Your Kids About Jesus’ Death at Easter

Crucifix - Stations of the Cross

By Editorial Team

Around Easter every year, we start to think about how we’re going to talk to our kids about Jesus’ death – which is a pretty tricky topic for little kids! Most people like to skirt the topic. I get it. It’s not an easy one. Who wants to talk to kids about torture? About archaic […]

25 Valentine’s Day Conversation Starters for Your Family

Parenting - Family

By Jessica Wolstenholm

These Valentine’s Day conversation starters are a great way to engage kids in discussions about the greatest commandment. When asked by the Pharisees which commandment of the law was most important, Jesus replied: You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. A […]

The Light of Epiphany: Hope for the New Year

epiphany hope for the new year

By Jessica Wolstenholm

There’s a bright light shining through our front window. The curtains fell down one evening in December while my husband and I were watching TV. We heard a crash and rushed to the dining room to see our front window curtains on top of my buffet, the one filled with my china. Thankfully, nothing was […]