10 Kid-Led Ways to Celebrate Dad This Father’s Day

By Melanie Norman

Father's Day - Father

“No! When my dad grills he always puts rocks in the grill first! We need more rocks!” This was my youthful response to my cousin, who was helping me grill for Father’s Day.

My mom had surprised my dad with a brand new grill for Father’s Day. And an eager 8-year-old me decided that in honor of Father’s Day, I would grill an epic meal on his brand new grill. Eight years old, attempting to make a meal on my dad’s brand new, very expensive grill. My cousin came over to spend the weekend with us and I recruited her to help me with my mission to grill the best Father’s Day meal for my dad. One thing I remembered seeing when my dad was grilling was that he put rocks (better known as charcoal) in the grill. So, my cousin and I gathered all the rocks that we could find in the neighborhood and filled the grill all the way up. 

Hearing the commotion, my mother came downstairs to see me and my cousin pouring dozens of rocks into the brand new grill she had carefully chosen for a Father’s Day surprise. Thankfully, she was able to stop us before we did any more damage! 

After my father heard about the incident, he told us how much it meant to him that we wanted to cook him a meal because it was from our hearts. I was expecting my father to be so upset that my cousin and I almost damaged his brand new grill. But instead, he let us know it meant more to him that we wanted to cook him something ‘made from love’. 

Here are 10 less-worrisome ways your kids can lead the way in celebrating dad this Father’s Day!

10 Kid-Led Ways to Celebrate Dad This Father’s Day

1. Pops For Pop

Does your dad have an insatiable sweet tooth or is he deserving of a totally tasty treat? Head to the kitchen and make some fun and easy cake pops for the occasion! If Dad is into fishing, golfing, or has a particular hobby, you can even decorate the pops in a way he will love. Here is an easy cake pop recipe using a boxed cake mix. 

Take it further for Father’s Day: Attach favorite Bible verses that remind you of your dad to the stem of the cake pop.

2. Bow Tie for a Terrific Dad 

Father’s Day is a very fitting occasion to get dressed up. And what better way to encourage your dad to get fancy than by making him his own personalized bow tie? He will have a homemade touch added to his wardrobe made with love from the perfect little hands, your kiddos! Check out this no-sew bow tie tutorial and this video on how to make a homemade bow tie

Take it further for Father’s Day: Attach a letter with all the things about your dad you are thankful for to the bow tie.

3. Baking Bar Soap 

Does dad really need another pair of socks this year? This year gift your dad or granddad with something special, useful, and unique. Make your own personalized bar soap! Want to add a really unique and memorable touch? 

Add your family’s picture inside the soap! Check out this fun video on how to do it. Want to add dad’s name inside of the soap? Check the blog with step by step directions, you will be sure to make fun memories while making your personalized bar soap!

Take it further for Father’s Day: Draw a portrait of your favorite moment with your dad to put inside of the bar soap. 

5. Seize the Day with Dad 

Father’s Day falls on the summer solstice this year. At the summer solstice, the sun travels the longest path through the sky and is the day of the year with the most daylight. In other words, it stays brighter, longer! Why not use the day to get outside with your dad? With the extra sunlight that day, spend some quality time by taking a family walk outside, having Father’s Day dinner outside, or challenging your dad to a bike ride race. However you choose to spend your time outside, take advantage of the extra sunlight that only happens once a year!

Take it further for Father’s Day: Take your dad on a prayer walk. Have each member of the family say a prayer for him. Check out this guide for ideas.

6. Homemade BarBQue Sauce 

Well, if there’s one thing that I learned from my grill fiasco as an 8-year-old, it’s that grilling is an activity that is near and dear to the heart of many fathers. In the spirit of all things grilling, make your own barbeque sauce for Father’s Day! Get in the kitchen and play with different ingredients (under adult supervision of course) and make a sauce your dad will want to use at every meal. Take a look at this kid-friendly barbecue sauce recipe! 

Take it further for Father’s Day: Bottle your sauce in a mason jar with a lid. Make your own label and tape it on the jar!

7. ‘Hand’ Made Hand Craft for a Handsome Dad 

Is there really anything better than a handcrafted gift from your children? My dad had a pair of clay cufflinks I made as a child and he wore them proudly! Grab some fun paints, clothes that are safe to get messy, and use your hands to create a timely and ‘handy’ gift for dad! 

Here are a few DIY Father’s Day craft ideas using hands . . . perfect for kids of any age. A lot of ideas include free printable templates, which means there’s less work for you (and the littles)!

Check out this post with several cute and creative ideas!

8. Doughnuts for Dad 

Milk? Check. Warm, sweet doughnuts fresh out the oven? Check.

One happy, full, and satisfied dad? Check!

This Father’s Day wake your dad up with the smell of fresh doughnuts from the kitchen. Be creative with toppings and flavor and have fun! Check out this video for a kid-friendly doughnut recipe

9. Make Your Own Storytime with a Super Dad 

One thing my dad loved to do with me was read storybooks. He would use different voices to bring the characters in the story to life. But one thing I loved to do with him was create our own stories. Using paper, colored pencils, and a stapler, my dad and I authored and illustrated our own storybook. To this day, I still have the storybook my dad and I made and I have read it to each one of my children. It truly is a gift that will last for many years to come. Put on your writer’s cap and grab your coloring pencils and make a storybook with dad. 

Take a look at this blog post and video on how to make your own storybook.

10. “Don’t Worry About It, Dad!” Coupons 

Oh the endless hats dads wear . . . yard guy, school carpool guy, baseball bag carrier guy, “mom said no, so can I?” guy . . . dads do a lot! 

Gift dad this year with ‘don’t worry about it, dad!’ coupons. Create a coupon book filled with vouchers dad can cash in to give him a break! Some cute ideas for coupons: take out the trash, water the grass, match dad’s socks together (I think we all need this one) . . . the possibilities are endless so think outside the box! 

Here’s a fun post on a DIY coupon book!


Ready to make some awesome Father’s Day memories? This list is a great start! But out of all the gifts and cards you could give your dad, what he really wants is your time! Make sure you take time during Father’s Day to let your dad know how much he means to you.