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Fan Favorites: Top Shows for Kids to Watch on Minno

By Melanie Rainer

Looking for the best shows for your kids to watch on Minno? Here is the list of our top ten fan favorites. These are the shows that our families return to watch over and over again. Find these shows and more amazing Christian kids’ shows streaming now on Minno! Fan Favorites: Top Show for Kids […]

6 Strong Girls to Inspire Your Daughter on Minno

Getty Images - Photography

By Melanie Rainer

It can be hard to find strong, smart, brave girls in the media today. In fact, you may have read or seen the news about one recent movie, in particular, that is portraying young girls in the worst possible way. Or you may have heard, seen, or read other stories and shows that might not […]

New Show on Minno: Pins and Nettie at Home

By Jessica Wolstenholm

A few months ago we introduced you to the sweetest new preschool show on Minno, Pins and Nettie. Now, these cute little hedgies are back with 13 shorts that will introduce your little one to fun games they can play at home! Pins and Nettie at Home Series Details Pins and Nettie are two little […]

Interview with Fred Vassallo, Bethel Music Kids Choreographer

By Editorial Team

Minno’s Jessica Wolstenholm sat down with Fred Vasallo, choreographer for Bethel Music Kids. They discussed faith, dancing as mission, and parenting in an entertainment-saturated world. Check out Fred’s work on Minno.  Jessica: Well, so good to have you with us and so good to have your amazing content on Minno. So Fred, why don’t you […]

New Preschool Show on Minno: Pins and Nettie

Minno - Fiction

By Editorial Team

Two sweet and shy hedgehog friends learning how to navigate their great, big world together? Tell me more! At Minno, we are always looking for new content that helps preschoolers understand their feelings and how they fit into the world around them. Our newest show, Pins and Nettie guides young viewers on first-time adventures that […]

Jungle Beat: Five Minute Family Devotional Plan

Minno - Family

By Editorial Team

Welcome to the Jungle Beat 5 Minute Family Devotional! We’re joining our favorite animal friends on a 10-day journey to learn all about putting God first, trusting Him, doing our best, and more! Teach kids to connect everyday stories to Bible truths in this 10-day family devotional plan featuring animal antics from the popular show, […]

How to Help Your Kids Grow Through Their Emotions

Parenting - Family

By Erick Goss

Emotions are a story I have had to confront. Over and over.   Emotions are not entirely natural for me. I want to value my facts over my emotions. I’m ex-military. An entrepreneur. I’ve been part of the early days at companies that are now household names. I like to solve problems, analyze data, and move […]