New Preschool Show on Minno: Pins and Nettie

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Two sweet and shy hedgehog friends learning how to navigate their great, big world together? Tell me more!

At Minno, we are always looking for new content that helps preschoolers understand their feelings and how they fit into the world around them. Our newest show, Pins and Nettie guides young viewers on first-time adventures that will teach them it’s okay to be shy but it’s also fun to experience new things!

Pins and Nettie Series Details

Pins and Nettie are besties who love going on adventures together . . . most of the time. Pins and Nettie can both be very shy, especially when encountering the unknown or unexpected.

These adorable hedgehogs explore the shyness many pre-schoolers experience and reassure viewers that there is nothing wrong with being shy. It’s just a different way of being and taking in the world around you.

  • Recommended Age: Preschool
  • Episode Length: 5 Minutes
  • Format: Animated
  • Episodes Available Now: 12
  • Character/Values Tie In: Yes

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Pins and Nettie Episodes Available to Watch Now

Episode 1: Hedgies In the Snow

The hedgies wake up to their world covered in snow and are not sure what to make of it. They’ve never seen snow before and now their entire world suddenly looks completely different than they are used to. Lesson: Something may be uncomfortable at first, but if you try it, you may like it.

Episode 2: Hedgie Sledding

Now used to the snow, Pins and Nettie are looking for stuff to do in it. The Narrator introduces them to sledding, something she loved to do when she was little. Sledding looks . . . fast, and slippery. Nettie loves it, but Pins isn’t so sure. Lesson: If you are scared to do something alone, try doing it with a friend.

Episode 3: Hedgie Sing-a-Long

Pins and Nettie encounter a Chaffinch during their daily exploration. Pins and Nettie love the bird’s song but when the bird encourages them to sing along, they need some encouragement. Lesson: There are lots of different ways to join in.

Episode 4: Hedgie Puddles

It’s a rainy day and Pins and Nettie are having fun playing in the rain. But then they come upon a puddle and aren’t sure what to do. It looks like splashing in the puddle could be fun, but they’ve never done it before. Lesson: You can build confidence by trying something smaller first.

Episode 5: Hedgie Birthday

Pins and Nettie have been invited to the birthday party of one of their hedgie friends. They are really excited about going until they realize there are going to be a bunch of hedgies they never met before at the party. Lesson: Small steps can help you reach big goals.

Episode 6: Hedgie Highway

Pins and Nettie love exploring and wandering along the Hedgehog Highway. But today they encounter a new door and the hedgies don’t know what to make of it! Lesson: You don’t have to be afraid of something just because it’s new.

Episode 7: Hedgie Hiccups

Pins has the hiccups. When Nettie and the Narrator giggle because they think it’s cute, Pins thinks they are laughing at him and hides away refusing to come out until the hiccups are gone. Lessons: Everyone feels embarrassed sometimes. Sometimes we can hurt someone’s feelings without realizing it.

Episode 8: Hedgie Hide and Seek

Pins and Nettie are playing a game of hide and seek but neither one of them like the pressure of being “it”—they both much prefer hiding. So they come up with a new way to play the game that works for them. Lesson: Trying something with a friend first can be reassuring.

Episode 9: Hedgie Sleepover

Pins and Nettie have been invited to a sleepover at their friend’s house. They’ve been excited about it for such a long time but now that the night has arrived, they are apprehensive about sleeping somewhere other than their own beds. Lesson: If you try something new for a short time, you may realize that you like it.

Episode 10: Hedgies and The Snail

Pins and Nettie encounter a snail who is even more shy than they are. Now the wellie is on the other foot and the hedgies must learn how to help their shy friend and make her feel safe and comfortable. Lesson: Sometimes you need to imagine how someone else is feeling. 

Episode 11: Hedgie Treasures

Nettie is playing with one of her shiny treasures—a little ball of tin foil! Pins sees what fun Nettie is having and wants to join in. But Nettie isn’t sure. Her treasures are usually just for her and she’s nervous about letting Pins play with them too. Lesson: Be open to different ways of playing together.

Episode 12: Super Hedgie

Pins has put on his special hero cape and is playing Super Hedgie, but when Nettie and the Narrator come along and catch him attempting to fly (and of course, failing), Pins becomes embarrassed and runs away. Lesson: It’s good to have goals, and it’s okay to change them if you want to.

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