6 Strong Girls to Inspire Your Daughter on Minno

By Melanie Rainer


It can be hard to find strong, smart, brave girls in the media today. In fact, you may have read or seen the news about one recent movie, in particular, that is portraying young girls in the worst possible way. Or you may have heard, seen, or read other stories and shows that might not be bad, but may leave you wanting more—more inspiration, strength, and wisdom in the lead female characters. 

At Minno, we know how much Jesus cared for women. In fact, Jesus’ love for and attention to women was revolutionary for the time in which He lived. The whole Bible is full of stories about strong women who loved and trusted God, like Sarah, Hannah, Abigail, Esther, Deborah, Mary, and many more. Jesus revealed Himself first to women after His resurrection and trusted them to tell His story to the disciples. There are countless similar examples in the Bible of God working through women to spread the good news about Jesus to the world. 

We strongly value having awesome girl characters in the shows on Minno. We want your daughters (and sons!) to be inspired by girls who love God and love His world. Minno is full of shows with amazing girl characters who love God and love other people, and who use their brains and their hearts to learn about God, His Word, and His world. Here are a few of our favorites:

6 Strong Girls to Inspire Your Daughter on Minno

Violet and Nora from Owlegories

Sweet, kind, and super curious, Violet and Nora are full of wonderful qualities for girls (and boys!) to see. We love these little owls and all their adventures. Violet and Nora show love, patience, and joy to everyone they meet, and they love to learn all about God! 

Strong girls love to learn about God’s Word.


Maggie from Brewster the Rooster

Maggie discovers answers to questions only preschoolers ask! Through creative thinking, she and her friend, Brewster, come up with many possible answers! They’ll take young viewers on a journey of discovery in a way that will not only entertain but will get their creative thinking caps on!

Strong girls are curious and ready to learn.


Portia from Friends and Heroes

We love Portia! She is the granddaughter of a wealthy and important Roman official, but she becomes friends with a boy named Macky. She is strong, smart, and learns a lot about God. She’s the girl you always want on your side when you run into trouble, which she and Macky do a lot during their wild adventures! 

Strong girls stand up for what’s right.


Lydia from Micah’s Super Vlog

Lydia is basically the best. She knows a lot about God and is always ready to help her friends, Micah and Armin. She shows what it means to be fun, intelligent, and the best kind of friend. Fifth grade isn’t always easy, but Lydia lives in a way that honors God and loves her neighbors! 

Strong girls are good, loyal friends.


Ada from Whirl

Ada is awesome! She is the younger sister of Leo, who has his own show on Minno (Whirl, Leo and Friends). Ada and the other kids spend a lot of time at their church, where they have everyday adventures in bake sales, kickball games, parties, and more. Ada leads them with spunk and spark, and it’s easy to see why she’s one of our favorite girls on Minno. 

Strong girls are leaders.


Biblegirl from Bibleman

Who doesn’t love Biblegirl? She is a superhero who fights against evil alongside Bibleman. Using her knowledge of Scripture and her love of God, Biblegirl never loses a battle against a bad guy. But she also cares for her teammates well and reminds them of God’s love through her words and actions. 

Strong girls work together for good.

There are so many awesome girl characters on Minno, perfect for inspiring your kids to know and love God more. The best thing we can do as parents when the world tries to present girls in a way that robs them of their royal value as daughters of the King is to point them to true examples of their strength and worth in Christ.

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