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Simple Summer Bible Reading Plan for Kids

Student - Bible college

By Editorial Team

During the school year, when pencils and notebooks are new, I always have great intentions to do a Bible study with my kids. I collect books, journals, and activities to do, but by mid-September we’ve already run out of steam! Soccer, ballet, homework, and All The Things seem to get in our way. The past […]

One-Year Bible Reading Plan for Kids and Families

Read the Bible in a year - printable schedule for kids from Minno

By Jessica Wolstenholm

One-Year Bible Reading Plan for Kids and Families The idea of reading through the entire Bible in one year as a family probably seems daunting . . . impossible. Right?! Just last night we picked back up on reading the Chronicles of Narnia: The Magician’s Nephew together with my eleven and eight-year-olds. It was tough. […]

Spiritual Practices for Kids: Bible Reading

Spiritual practice - Family

By Melanie Rainer

Spiritual disciplines are inward and outward practices, rooted in Scripture and tradition, that draw us closer to God. They are disciplines, practices that require work and repetition, that we grow more comfortable with and better at the more we do them. And they are a critical part of the Christian life, helping us to mature […]