One-Year Bible Reading Plan for Kids and Families

Read the Bible in a year - printable schedule for kids from Minno

One-Year Bible Reading Plan for Kids and Families

The idea of reading through the entire Bible in one year as a family probably seems daunting . . . impossible. Right?! Just last night we picked back up on reading the Chronicles of Narnia: The Magician’s Nephew together with my eleven and eight-year-olds. It was tough. To keep their attention . . . to help them understand just how amazing the story is and how fun it can be to get lost in it. They struggled, but in the end, after they each read a few pages aloud to the rest of us, we enjoyed thirty minutes of family reading time.

So if that was a struggle with my two older kids reading a fantasy novel, I definitely understand how hard it is to get even younger kids (let alone upper elementary and middle-school kids) excited about reading the Bible . . . all of it. Like Numbers and Leviticus!

But inviting our children into God’s story is one of the most significant steps we can take in building their faith foundation. And the truth is, reading the Bible doesn’t have to be daunting or boring. It’s the most epic true story ever recorded and ever told. And it’s OUR story!

A Reading Plan That is Kid-Friendly

We at Minno created the Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids so that children can see and understand that the Bible is fun! God’s story is full of epic adventures and important life lessons that will help us live amazing lives. Phil Vischer uses whimsical storytelling in his laugh-out-loud retellings of the Bible—from Creation to Revelation—and everything in between.

The Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids was intentionally designed to help families read through God’s story in a year, with 52 five-minute stories that clearly teach God’s rescue plan and the good news of Jesus’ love.

We invite you to follow along this one-year Bible reading plan. It includes just four or five stories per month so you can read one each week. When you read through the Laugh and Grow Bible your kids (and you) will have a deeper understanding of the full Bible narrative.

One-Year Bible Reading Schedule

Using the Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids


THE PENTATEUCH The Tower of Babel
Creation God Calls Abram
Adam and Eve Abraham’s Family
What Is Sin? Joseph
Noah and the Flood Moses Is Born
Let My People Go! Joshua and Jericho
The Ten Commandments Aposta-Cycles
Laws, Laws, Laws Judges
Time-Out! Ruth’s Redeemer
King Saul Solomon’s Wisdom
David and Goliath Bad Kings
Israel’s New King The Fall of Israel and Judah
God’s Promise to David God Gets It Done
Brave Queen Esther
He Gives and Takes Away The Fiery Furnace
The Book of Songs Daniel and the Lions
The Book of Wisdom Jonah and the Whale


THE GOSPELS Jesus’ Disciples
Born in a Barn The Sermon on the Mount
John Baptizes Jesus It’s a Miracle!
The Desert Temptation The Last Supper
The Phony Pharisees Jesus’ Death
He Is Alive!
God’s Super Helper From Wrong to Right
Big Changes for Saul The Fruit of the Spirit
A Vision for Everyone How Does It End?
Paul’s Travels


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Advice for Families Reading the Bible in One Year

Even with a monthly schedule as your guide, sticking to any activity over 365 days can be tough! Here are some additional tips to help you and your loved ones achieve a full read-through of the Bible in a year:

Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids: The Gospel in 52 Five-Minute Bible Stories - Family Bible

Here’s what a few customers have said about how adults can learn from reading through the Laugh and Grow Bible, too!

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“The stories easily explain things in a way that children and even adults can better understand.” Amazon Review

 “I appreciate how the book brought context to the stories . . . even though I’ve read these same stories hundreds of times in my life, I feel like I understood the deeper meaning of the stories better after reading this version!” Amazon Review

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