Family Advent Reading Plan from the Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids


Grab the Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids, written by VeggieTales and What’s In The Bible? creator Phil Vischer, and guide your family on a journey through God’s Word as you anticipate Christmas!

If you are looking for a way to engage your kids in the conversations that matter this Christmas season, we invite you to join us on a journey through God’s Word with the Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids. Follow the Family Advent Bible Reading Plan below or download our Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids Advent Reading Plan Pack (free in the Minno store!) to join us beginning December 1!

Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids Family Advent Reading Plan

Day Bible Story Page #
1 The Pentateuch 10
2 Creation 12
3 Adam and Eve 18
4 Noah and the Flood 30
5 God Calls Abram 42
6 Abraham’s Family 48
7 Joseph 54
8 Moses is Born 60
9 Let My People Go! 72
10 The Ten Commandments 78
11 Historical Books 98
12 Joshua and Jericho 100
13 Ruth’s Redeemer 118
14 David and Goliath 130
15 God’s Promise to David 142
16 Solomon’s Wisdom 148
17 Brave Queen Esther 172
18 Writings and Prophets 180
19 The Messenger 200
20 Daniel and the Lions 212
21 Jonah and the Whale 218
22 The Gospels 226
23 The Family of Jesus 228
24 Born in a Barn 230


Choose a time to sit and read Luke 2:8-14 together as a family. Consider pausing before opening gifts or at the Christmas brunch or dinner table. 

Then pray this prayer together:

Dear Lord, Thank You for sending Your Son, Jesus . . . Immanuel . . . God with us. Today, in the midst of the excitement of family time and presents, help us to keep our mind and our heart focused on Your blessing for the whole world: Jesus, the best gift ever given . . . and ever received. 


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