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5 Lessons of Winter for Our Children

Winter - Freezing

By Christine Bailey

As I type this from my farmhouse in Tennessee on a winter morning, the wild is literally howling through the hollows and hills in our rural neighborhood.  Until about a year ago, our family lived in sunny Dallas, where “winter” consisted of 60-80 degree weather daily with the rare 40 degree morning where we were […]

50 Winter Activity Ideas for the Family

Cinema - Children's film

By Jessica Wolstenholm

It’s not too late to make a winter bucket list! There are SO many things about winter you can enjoy as a family, whether it’s getting out in the winter weather or enjoying activities indoors! Here is a big list of great ideas to try. Choose activities you can all enjoy and some new ones […]

40 Indoor Snow Day Activity Ideas for Kids

By Jessica Wolstenholm

I love snow days, especially the kind that keep me hunkered down at home for a few days. When my children were small, snow days included building snowmen and sledding before we all looked forward to coming inside to a warm house for mugs of hot chocolate. But then what do you do to pass […]