50 Winter Activity Ideas for the Family

By Jessica Wolstenholm

It’s not too late to make a winter bucket list! There are SO many things about winter you can enjoy as a family, whether it’s getting out in the winter weather or enjoying activities indoors!

Here is a big list of great ideas to try. Choose activities you can all enjoy and some new ones you’ve never done before!

Winter Activity Ideas for the Family

  1. Make bird feeders
  2. Build gingerbread house
  3. Make paper snowflakes
  4. Go on a winter scavenger hunt
  5. Play hide and seek
  6. Make fancy hot chocolate or snowman drink
  7. Listen to an audiobook
  8. Visit the local aquarium
  9. Try an ice/snow experiment
  10. Study winter birds
  11. Plant indoor bulbs
  12. Make a family time capsule
  13. Make pommanders
  14. Plan a spring garden
  15. Make ice paints
  16. Go snowshoeing
  17. Paint a winter scene
  18. Serve someone in need
  19. Donate toys and clothes
  20. Read by the fire
  21. Watch/play a hockey game
  22. Do a snowman art project
  23. Indoor sock/snowball fight
  24. Have a family movie night
  25. Plan a spring bucket list
  26. Bake cookies
  27. Put on a play
  28. Play masking tape hopscotch
  29. Make maple candies
  30. Visit a museum
  31. Learn about hibernation
  32. Winter nature walk
  33. Collect pinecones
  34. Play with snow play-doh
  35. Have a pillow fight
  36. Go ice skating
  37. Learn to knit or crochet
  38. Have an indoor picnic
  39. Make cinnamon rolls
  40. Snowboarding or skiing
  41. Plan a family Valentine’s Day
  42. Game night with friends
  43. Watch family home videos
  44. Make a cloud in a jar
  45. Random acts of kindness
  46. Put together a big puzzle
  47. Make snow ice cream
  48. Bake homemade bread
  49. Make marshmallow snowmen
  50. Read snow-themed books