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3 Bible Stories to Teach Your Kids About Peace

Peace - Parenting

By Melanie Rainer

My kids are not inherently peaceful people; but really, are any of us? They fight, yell, use their loudest voices to communicate the smallest things, interrupt constantly, and leave a trail of clutter literally everywhere. Nothing about our home is peaceful, and yet Scripture calls us to have peaceful spirits.  As parents (and people), how […]

5 Bible Memory Verses for Kids About Peace

All I Want Is Some Peace - All I Want Is Some Peace

By Jennifer Thorson

Ever find yourself saying to your kids (or mumbling under your breath), “All I want is some peace and quiet!” After a long day in the van on the way home from a 9-hour trip to visit the grandparents, that’s exactly what I find myself saying to my four kids! The peace I’m looking for is […]