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After Easter: The Way of Forgiveness

By Erick Goss

If you asked your kids to repeat what they know about Easter, they might say: “Jesus died for our sins. We ask for His forgiveness. Jesus rose from the dead!”  That is true. And it is a simple, yet incredibly profound series of actions that we did celebrate last weekend.  Christ, the initiator of our […]

A Fresh Perspective on Advent

Christmas Day - Advent

By Erick Goss

Think about five words for a moment: Hope. Peace. Joy. Love. Surrender. “Well, Erick,” you might say, “Aren’t we all experts at surrender right now? It is 2020 after all.” True. We have all surrendered a lot this year. Sometimes, we welcome the opportunity for a change of pace. But most likely, you have dug […]

How to Help Your Kids Grow Through Their Emotions

Parenting - Family

By Erick Goss

Emotions are a story I have had to confront. Over and over.   Emotions are not entirely natural for me. I want to value my facts over my emotions. I’m ex-military. An entrepreneur. I’ve been part of the early days at companies that are now household names. I like to solve problems, analyze data, and move […]