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Halloween: The Meaning, History, and Christian Response

Jack-o'-lantern - Samhain

By Minno

On October 31st each year people across the United States celebrate Halloween¬†or All Hallow’s Eve. Widely geared toward young children who enjoy wearing costumes, trick-or-treating, and pumpkin carving, Halloween has become the second-largest commercially celebrated holiday in America grossing over $8 billion in sales. What is the Origin & History of Halloween? Halloween’s origin can […]

3 Ideas for No Contact Family Fun this Halloween

Trick-or-treating - Holiday

By Editorial Team

There’s no doubt this Halloween is going to look different. If you have allowed your children to trick or treat in years past, chances are, they may not be able to participate in an epic night of candy collecting this October 31st. Whether you “celebrate” Halloween or not, we’ve always encouraged our Minno families to […]