Episode 1: Mission To Sector 9


Buck Denver, an aspiring space pilot who wants to do big things for God, is discouraged by his day to day responsibilities until he comes across a communication outage blocking the Good News from reaching a quadrant of the galaxy.

Episode 2: Captain Buck


Buck confronts Pastor Paul about the outage and finalizes his crew to travel into space to fix the transponder and bring the Word to all people in Sector 9.

Episode 3: Hyperjump


Buck’s crew debriefs and launches the responder repair mission, taking them to the uninhabited planet Tolaris . . . or so they think.

Episode 4: The Sandstorm


The crew lands on Tolaris, finds the transponder along with some unexpected guests all while encountering a major storm separating them from their shuttle.

Episode 5: The Hermit


While hiding from the storm, Buck meets a wise friend who shares a new perspective on faith and offers him helpful truth.

Episode 6: The Gluun


Buck and the Hermit travel to an underwater garden where they learn about God’s actual mission for their life and make a plan to meet up with his crew.

Episode 7: Buck’s Big Choice


While Buck’s crew is held captive in alien territory, Buck attempts to save the transponder from the wrong hands.

Episode 8: Mission Failure?


Buck and the crew complete their mission to restore the transponder and return home with a new calling on how to live out their daily lives.

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