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How to Fight Anxiety as a Mom

Malie Coyne - Infant

By Editorial Team

I distinctly remember the day I was going to be leaving the hospital with my son. I remember looking down at him, scared to death and saying a prayer, asking God to please help me to not cause any harm to him. The reality was, I knew nothing about being a mother, and I knew […]

When Celebrating Mother’s Day Is Hard (like during a pandemic)

Minno - Parent

By Melanie Rainer

As Mother’s Day 2020 approaches, it is guaranteed to look . . . different this year. We’re in the middle of a global pandemic, encouraged to social distance and stay safer-at-home, many retail shops are closed, and churches are primarily meeting virtually.  Mother’s Day, which began to be celebrated in the U.S. officially in 1914, […]

Love You Like a Mother (Printable Card)

International Women's Day - House church

By Editorial Team

This Mother’s Day marks another year I am without a mother to celebrate. I’ve survived six Sundays set aside in May without a reason to buy a card to say, “Thank you for all you do, Mom.” The pain of watching others acknowledge their own mothers is hard, but as the years pass, I find […]

Minno Mother’s Day Giveaway

Floral design - Flower bouquet

By Editorial Team

Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean Mother’s Day 2020 can’t be amazing! Here at Minno, we want to do everything we can to celebrate the amazing mamas out there who are rallying to do all the things in order to keep their families thriving during this difficult time. You may feel like you […]

5 Ways to Love the World When You Can’t Leave Home

Earth - The Blue Marble

By Editorial Team

There’s a sign on the inside of our door that reads, “There’s a great big world out there waiting to be loved by YOU!” It’s a reminder I want us to encounter every time we leave our home and go out to school, work, church, and most of all, our community. I passed by the […]