Raising Boys and Girls Podcast: S4, E18 Kelly Minter Interview

Kelly Minter

Join Sissy Goff and David Thomas as they chat with Bible teacher, author, and friend, Kelly Minter about the importance of the Bible in the lives of kids and parents.

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Kelly Minter Interview

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How can parents help their kids really love scripture and God’s truth?

If we are going to teach children to love scripture, we have to love it ourselves.

Deuteronomy 6

Talk to your kids about the truths of God’s Word in the middle of your daily lives.

When scripture is rooted in us, it’s naturally going to come out of us.

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What helps teenagers become more alive in their faith? And what doesn’t help?

Legalism – the rules of scripture without the love of Christ,

Legalism never helps.

When teens know they are cared for and then see faith lived out in those around them.

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How can parents teach their kids to express their feelings but build a foundation of faith that undergirds those feelings?

Our Creator God created our feelings. Help kids read their feelings through the lens of scripture.

Bring out the feelings and then realign them with the truth.

Our feelings cannot have the final word. Let the truth of God have the final word.

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What do you think is harder today for parents than when you were growing up?

The root issues haven’t changed at all.

We all want to be:





Technology hasn’t helped that at all. It highlights the comparisons. 

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What is something from your childhood that you would like to bring back?

Not having a phone.

We need to have compassion for kids growing up with the pressures of technology.

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Kids love board games if you are present with them.

The Brady Bunch

I Love Lucy

Anne of Green Gables

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What kind of hope would you want to offer parents today?

Christ is no less able to work today in our current culture than He was in times before.

The truth and the light of the gospel are no less able to pierce the darkness of today. 

The gospel is GRACE. Parenting is not about getting it right.

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