Create a No-Pressure Spring Bucket List

By Editorial Team

Last week was my kids’ spring break. And while I made a few, tentative plans and we accomplished a couple things on my to-do list, the week mostly passed in a blur, taking my good intentions with it.

Several months ago I signed up for a huge project, due in April. I promised myself that I would not, under any circumstances, leave my preparation to the last minute like I always do. I vowed that on March 1 — and not a minute later — I would begin working on this project that is close to my heart and also now contractually obligated. And yet somehow the entire 31 days of March has nearly flown by without me making any progress.

Where does the time go? How can I slow it down? Why does my three-year-old find it so hilarious to tell me every single morning that she grew (“growed-ed”) the night before?

I’m a list maker and a planner. I love taking the whirling thoughts and ideas and wishes and hopes that float around my brain and forcing them into order in the black and white pen strokes on a piece of paper. It’s the only way I can move forward, and the only way I can redeem any of the time I’ve been given.

In the past I’ve had a bit of a love-hate relationship with bucket lists, craving their sense and structure while resisting their expectation and demands. But what I’ve come to realize is that, for me, making a list of fun activities to do with my kids keeps me accountable to my deep desire to steward the few short years I have with them. It’s not a mandatory list of tasks, something to make me feel guilty if I can’t manage to cross off every item. It’s a guideline, a suggestion — and a reminder that months fly by faster than we ever expect them to, and when I don’t plan, I don’t do…anything.

With all that said, I’m excited to share the list of springtime activities I’ve come up with this year. It’s long enough to stretch us a bit, but short enough that it won’t drive us crazy on top of all the other busy-ness that this season brings. Use this adorable free Spring Activity Printable to make your own list!

Plant something. I don’t have a green thumb, but when looking through my children’s eyes, even I can see how exciting it is to plant something so small that eventually blossoms and grows into something beautiful.

Pick something. We’ve never picked berries, but I think this might be a good year to try! (And if that plan fails, I’m going to consider a trip to the farmer’s market a good-enough plan B.)

Make a new-to-us spring recipe. As much as I love rich chocolate (or pumpkin!) desserts and starchy comfort foods of the autumn and winter, it’s a nice change to make something light and fluffy — or even something green and healthy — when spring arrives.

Create a spring playlist. We’re big on praise and worship, singing loud, and dance parties at my house, and a new season is the perfect excuse to create a new list of songs.

Play in the rain or splash in puddles. I’m more of a practical mom than a fun mom, so when the day comes that I can encourage my girls to let loose and get as wet and messy as they want? Well, I imagine their surprise will be fun enough to help me ignore the muddy footprints that come next.

Visit the zoo. We’ve already been counting the “baby cows” we see in pastures along the highway, so going to the zoo will mean even more animal excitement. And because my nine-year-old’s class is going to the zoo for a field trip, this one is literally already on my calendar!

Spend extra time in the Word during Holy Week. One of these days I hope we work up to family devotions throughout Lent. But for now, I’m going to be intentional on those days leading up to Easter Sunday and make sure we arrive at the Resurrection prepared to celebrate the Reason for this season.

Blow bubbles and use sidewalk chalk. These are our go-to outdoor activities, and it’s fun to pull them out again after the cold days of winter.

Buy – and eat! – popsicles. You’d think the “eat” part wouldn’t be necessary, but more than once I’ve bought seasonal treats for my kids and forgotten to actually give them said treats. So this year WE WILL EAT the popsicles!

Dye and/or fill Easter eggs. We might dye eggs this year. But I’ve also had the beginnings of an idea to fill plastic eggs to give to some families at our church who are fostering children. I suppose writing it down here will make me much more likely to follow through! #accountability #forthewin

Spring clean a few spaces and donate what we no longer need. It’s amazing how much stuff we accumulate — and how little we actually need.

Fly a kite or play catch with a frisbee. I’ve learned my lesson about kites. Some springs don’t cooperate with my bucket list and the windy days are also rainy or come in the middle of the week when even the most carefree person is too busy to take advantage. So, planning for that possibility it is!

Invite friends to a BBQ. My girls love having people over to their house as much as my husband and I enjoy hosting events, so a spring cookout is a must.

Go on a family date. A family date might be “going out” — to a picnic or the aquarium, but it might also be a day we intentionally stay in for a movie night or game night. No matter what, though, we spend time together!

Create a summer bucket list. The seasons keep changing, and before we know it, it will be time to make plans for how we’ll spend summer.

Your list might look just like mine — or it might look completely different. Either way, that’s okay! Use this Minno Spring Activity Printable to make any kind of list — whatever works for you and your family. It will help you be a good steward of the time you’ve been given in this season. And when the temperatures start rising, schools begin closing their doors, and friends look around shocked, asking, “Where did the time go?” you’ll know exactly where your time went.

Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. Psalm 90:12 NIV

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