Alpha Omega Homeschool Curriculum Review

By Jessica Wolstenholm


For Christian families who choose to homeschool, additional homeschooling resources could be the support you’ve been looking for to help you tackle all of the different tasks in your busy schedule. 

While many parents choose to homeschool in order to ensure autonomy over curriculum taught in the classroom, there does come a time when outside materials may be the best choice for your student. 

Healthy child development requires that your child’s education grows with them. As a homeschool parent, you may feel the pressure to be an expert on everything, and that pressure may increase as your child grows. This can be even further compounded if you have multiple children and dozens of subjects to juggle. 

Choosing a homeschool curriculum to aid in your Christian homeschooling can be a difficult choice with so many circulating on the market. With variations in price, accreditation, and curriculum style, the options can be overwhelming. 

We investigated one of the top programs: Alpha Omega Academy. Here’s what you need to know. 

  1. Age Range

Alpha Omega Academy (AOA) offers a variety of curriculum options for a range of ages and subjects. In particular, their online schooling serves grades 3 to 12, while their curriculum for younger grades is available in what they refer to as “LIFEPACs” which resemble workbooks and activity pages you may be familiar with. 

AOA schooling has the capability of taking your child from kindergarten all the way through graduation, supporting their individual needs along the way. 

  1. Subject Matter

Alpha Omega Academy has uniquely diversified curriculum options. When a child enrolls at AO Academy, one of the first steps is to set up an individualized learning plan that identifies your child’s current academic standing, learning style, and academic goals. 

Based on that information, a team of teachers, counselors, and advisors are chosen to support your student as they continue through the Alpha Omega Academy. 

AOA also offers a wide variety of subjects as part of their curriculum. Not only do they offer three different options for grades 3-12 online curriculum, but they also offer over 130 elective courses as well as 40 different options for career and technology education. 

Your student will be able to choose from 14 different “clusters” of career studies, ranging from architecture to government to finance, to begin engaging with career options, all while receiving a quality Christian homeschool education.

  1. Structure

As previously mentioned, AOA offers a few different options for how their programs are structured.

For some of the younger grades, curriculum packets and workbooks are available for a more analog approach. 

For the older grade levels, AOA offers a full online learning management system for convenient access to learning materials. With several start dates each month, you student can begin whenever your family’s schedule allows without feeling left behind. 

While materials are accessible online and curriculum is pre-established, a full staff of educators are available to contact students and to scaffold the learning process. These teachers track student success frequently and service all academic needs to foster growth in each student. 

  1. Comparison

When compared to other homeschooling curriculum, a notable characteristic of AOA is the strength of their digital platform. Their online libraries of academic content and sophisticated learning management system establish a schooling system that is truly web-based and easily accessible. 

While this may be an attractive feature for some, parents who aren’t as tech-savvy or who do not wish to have the majority of their child’s education digitized may not appreciate these qualities. AOA also has fewer analog options than some other homeschooling curricula. Resources like Abeka have less sophisticated online programs, but more options for physical textbooks and work pages. 

  1. Parent Reviews

Another helpful feature of AOA’s online platform is their parent portal. AOA seeks to actively involve parents in tracking and measuring their student’s progress, even if the parent isn’t the primary teacher of their student. 

In reflection on how AOA has affected their students, parents have noted the following:

  • The online platform streamlines the education process, freeing up time for parents.
  • AOA made for a smooth transition from high school to college.
  • School staff is helpful and supportive.
  • The flexibility helps families who move frequently or who have busy schedules

In general, parent testimonials overwhelmingly praise AOA for having available and caring teachers, rigorous curriculum, and flexible options.

As a parent, one of your primary goals is to ensure that your child has a quality education to set them on a trajectory for success. If homeschooling is the right choice for your child, you have more options than ever for how to support the teaching you do at home. If the Alpha Omega Academy curriculum is a program that would benefit your family, check out their website today to start making your first steps. 

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