3 Bible Stories to Teach Your Kids about Generosity

By Melanie Rainer


Generosity always seemed to be built into my parents’ DNA. From the earliest days I can remember, they were so generous with their time, their money, and their gifts – whether to our church, friends, or people in need in our community. I grew up surrounded by such a spirit of generosity that sometimes I am intimidated to think how I will ever model it so well for my own kids.

Being around generous people is contagious, especially around the holidays! But when it’s not the season of giving, what are the best ways to teach your kids about generosity? First, modeling a character trait is the best way to pass it on to your kids. Another great way to teach them about generosity is by reading them stories or watching shows about generosity and then discussing them as a family.

The Bible has many amazing stories about the generosity of God’s people – and if you think about it, the whole Bible is the story of God’s great generosity toward us! Here are 3 Bible stories about generosity to read and discuss with your kids:

3 Bible Stories That Teach Your Kids About Generosity

The Widow’s Offering

Mark 12:41-44

In this story, Jesus is watching people come to give their offerings at the temple. He probably sees many rich people come by and put lots of money in the offering box, but it is one poor widow who catches his eye. Jesus remarks to his disciples that her offering is worth more than the bigger offerings that the rich people brought, because she has given so much out of her so little.

As you read this story as a family, think about ways that everyone can give based on what they have. Is your daughter a gifted artist? She can make cards for elderly people in your community. Does your son enjoy working outside? He can volunteer some of his free time to help a widow mow her lawn. You don’t have to be financially rich to give a lot!

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Joseph and His Brothers

Genesis 45

The story of Joseph is one of my very favorite in the Bible. Joseph, who has every reason in the world to ignore or punish his brothers, lavishes the “best of Egypt” upon them. It’s generosity on a whole other level! It is the kind of generosity that comes from knowing and trusting the Lord.

As you read this story as a family, reflect on how you are tempted to act when someone wrongs you. Think about the strength it took for Joseph to not only forgive his brothers, but to welcome them and give them amazing gifts. Joseph is a great example of generosity!

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Elisha and the Widow’s Oil

2 Kings 4:1-7

The story of Elisha and the widow’s oil is a beautiful picture of God’s generosity. The widow has no money to pay a creditor, and he has threatened to take her two sons to be his slaves. Can you imagine the desperation she must have felt? Elisha tells her to find as many jars that she can find and use her one jar of oil to fill them – and the oil lasted and lasted, filling many jars that she could sell to pay off her debts and save her sons.

One of my favorite songs from Andrew Peterson starts with this story, reminding us that Jesus’ blood is our widow’s oil. In “All You’ll Ever Need,” he sings:

The blood of Jesus, it is like the widow’s oil
It’s enough to pay the price to set you free
It can fill up every jar and every heart that ever beat
When it’s all you have it’s all you’ll ever need
When it’s all you have it’s all you’ll ever need

The Lord’s generosity is abundant, even when it feels like we are faced with nothing. As you read this story as a family, think about other stories in the Bible where God provided generously for his people. Think about the greatest example of generosity – Jesus giving his life for his people.

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