12 Small Ways to Celebrate Big on Earth Day

By Melanie Rainer


Earth Day is this week, a special day set aside to celebrate and care for our planet. 

The creation story in Genesis 1 reveals how God created the earth, piecing together the sky and sea, the animals and the plants, and sharing His good creation with His beloved people. God’s Word calls us to care for His creation beginning in Genesis 2:15, when:

“The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and keep it.” 

Earth Day presents an opportunity to teach your kids about the wonders of God’s creation. During this time of social distancing and being stuck at home, we can develop a deeper appreciation of the wonderful world God created. Right now, getting outside, though limited, is something we all look forward to!

Here are 12 ideas to inspire your kids to celebrate this Earth Day.

12 Small Ways to Celebrate Big on Earth Day

3 Things to See

  1. Use Instagram to look at pictures of our beautiful earth from some real astronauts living on the International Space Station. Look at @iss, @astrodrewmorgan, or @astrojessica 
  2. Watch The Nature of God on Minno! This awesome show combines nature exploration and teaching about God and His character. 
  3. Since Earth Day 2020 is during the global COVID-19 pandemic, travel and parks are significantly restricted. So how can you SEE some of the most amazing sites on planet earth? Check out the Go Traveler channel on YouTube, or watch the Planet Earth documentary series on your streaming service.  


3 Things to Hear

  1. Have an audible scavenger hunt in your neighborhood! Count how many nature sounds you hear. Rustling leaves? Thunder? Rain? Barking dogs? Croaking frogs? 
  2. Listen to the Minno Creation Songs playlist on Spotify! (SEE BELOW)
  3. Check out the “Dawn Chorus” app, made by the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Make your own bird choruses with different bird calls. You can use it as your morning alarm clock! 


3 Things to Do 

  1. Make birds feeders out of toilet paper rolls, peanut butter, and birdseed. Take a toilet paper or paper towel roll. Cover the roll in peanut butter, then roll in birdseed. Have a peanut allergy? Use almond butter or lard. Use a string to hang on a tree in your yard or neighborhood! 
  2. Plant vegetables or herbs in plastic cups or leftover quart yogurt containers. Try growing container-friendly foods, such as spinach or herbs. 
  3. Make a recycling chart for your fridge. Use the internet to look up what items are recyclable in your city or county, then make a chart together for your fridge by drawing what items go in recycling and which go in the trash. 


BONUS ACTIVITY: Download and print these Minno Creation coloring pages from the Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids.

3 Things to Share

  1. Go for a walk and pick a wildflower bouquet. It could even just be clover and dandelions! It doesn’t need to be fancy to be beautiful. Then leave it on a neighbor’s porch tied with ribbon and with a handmade card! 
  2. Make leaf tracing art cards to mail to friends and family. Go hunt for pretty leaves and put them under a plain piece of white paper. Using a crayon or pencil, lightly color the paper over the leaf. Write a special message and mail it to someone you love!
  3. Write your own poem or song about caring for God’s creation. Then record it and share it with family and friends! 

Minno Creation Songs Playlist

1. The Gettys – All Creatures of Our God and King

2. The Gettys – This is My Father’s World

3. Ellie Holcomb – Sing

4. Seeds Family Worship – When I Look at the Heavens

5. Seeds Family Worship – God is Creator

6. JJ Heller – Big World Baby

7. Psalty – If I Were a Butterfly

8. Slugs and Bugs – Lightning Bug

9. VeggieTales – He’s Got the Whole World

BONUS ACTIVITY: Our brand new Minno Life Gude, Creation Care: How Your Family Can Love the Earth is a wonderful resource to get you thinking about small changes your family can make to have a big impact on God’s creation!