Exploding Hot Sauce


There’s a granny in town who likes to rob banks with an exploding hot sauce that can burn through anything. With the help of his mom, Ryan must save the town!

Mega-moo and the Grumpy Ducks


When evil computer genius Gigahurt hacks into everyone’s brains with his new video game, it’s up to Ryan and his mom to save the day.

Courageous Scaredy Cat


Toys are disappearing in town! Ryan and his mom must conquer their fears to save the day.

The Greedy Pirate


The greedy Pirate Pete has stolen Whitebeards sword and its up to Ryan and Deb to find it!

The Three-Ring Disaster


Kackle the Clown has taken over the circus and plans to launch his giant cupcake cannon at an unsuspecting audience!

The Towering Turkey


A turkey secretly packed with Grannys explosive hot sauce threatens to ruin Christmas dinner for good.

The Ninja Chickens


Becky is tired of people making fun of her and her pet chickens, so she plots to destroy every chicken restaurant in town.

The Undercover Queen


Pirate Pete is at it again and this time he plans on stealing the crown jewels from the queen of Roopleooplestein!

The Web Of Lies


Gigahert tries to trap the entire town in a sticky web spread by his robotic super spider so he can force everyone to watch his polka music videos.

The Strawberry Shrink Ray


Ryan gets hit by a shrink ray at the zoo and learns that unkind words make a person feel small…but encouraging words build others up!

The Candy World Crash


Granny and her boys have created a tasty town made entirely out of candy, but her secret formula is as dangerous as it is delicious. Ryan and his mom must practice self-control if they are to stop Granny and save the people of Candy World.

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