In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth! Embark on a journey through the Bible, starting with creation! Learn about the Trinity and all of the amazing things God made.

Adam And Eve


The most amazing part of God’s creation: US! Follow the story of Adam and Eve, in the Garden of Eden but watch out for that sneaking snake!

What Is Sin?


Adam and Eve decided to go their own way instead of trusting God which was the beginning of sin. Learn about what sin is and why it keeps us from enjoying God’s best.

Noah and The Flood


Noah was a faithful man who was chosen by God to start His world over again. Follow the animals and learn why God chose Noah to build the ark.

Ruth’s Redeemer


God loves it when we show love! Follow the story of Ruth and Naomi and learn what it means to redeem something and why Jesus is our ultimate redeemer.

David and Goliath


David may have been small but he had big faith in God! Follow him onto the battlefield where he faces Israel’s greatest enemy with just a few smooth stones and a whole lot of courage!

Brave Queen Esther


Brave Queen Esther was chosen by God to do something big at a very important time. Watch as she finds the courage to do what’s right and save her people!

The Messenger


Christmas is when we celebrate that baby Jesus was born, but the story really began years and years and years before that very first Christmas. Learn about the prophet Isaiah and his message about Jesus’ birth!

Jonah and the Whale


Jonah was a prophet, chosen by God to deliver an important message to the people of Nineveh. But Jonah didn’t want to! Find out how Jonah learned that God gives second chances.

Born In A Barn


God’s people waited many many years for the promised Messiah to come. And when Jesus finally did arrive, it didn’t happen the way people expected! Learn the true meaning of Christmas through this story of Jesus’ birth.

Shepherds and Angels


Baby Jesus made quite an entrance and that was just the beginning of how God would use Him to turn the world upside down! But before Jesus could make His mark on the world, the world needed to know about Him. Learn how God chose shepherds—the lowliest people—to share the good news of Jesus’ birth that very first Christmas.

The Wise Men


The angels announced Jesus’ arrival to shepherds that first Christmas! But stinky, smelly shepherds weren’t the only ones who were excited about God’s promised blessing. Learn about the Wise Men and their journey to meet Jesus.

It’s A Miracle!


When Jesus was all grown up He traveled with His disciples doing amazing things all over the place! Learn about Jesus’ miracles in this story that walks through some of the most powerful moments of His ministry.

The Last Supper


Jesus and His disciples traveled to Jerusalem for Passover. But this celebration wasn’t quite like those of years past. Follow along through His last meal with the disciples and the moments leading up to Jesus’ death.

Jesus’ Death


We often want to skip over this hard moment of God’s story but although Jesus’ death is sad, it’s also a story of love and salvation. Learn about how Jesus came to die and why He sacrificed His life for us.

He Is Alive!


Why can we have hope? Because we know how the story ends . . . with the most incredible miracle ever! Follow along and experience the joy of Jesus’ friends as they discover He defeated death and rose from the grave.

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