Long Journey


Macky and his family risk the wrath of the Romans by taking two refugee girls into their home. Through their exploits and retelling of their people’s stories – Daniel and the Lions’ Den as well as Jesus and the Miraculous Catch of Fish – we learn the importance of being courageous and helping others.


Bible Stories: Daniel and the Lions’ Den (Daniel 6:1-24a) and The Miraculous Catch of Fish (Luke 5:5-11)

A Friend In High Places


Macky rescues an aristocratic Roman girl, Portia. With help from Portia, Macky and the gang foil a money-making scheme run by the evil Tobias and Brutacus. Through their experiences and retelling of the dramatic stories of Samson and Delilah as well as Peter’s friendship with Cornelius, we discover how important it is to listen to God and love others.


Bible Stories: Samson and Delilah (Judges 16:4-30) and Peter’s friendship with Cornelius (Acts 10:9-28).



A giant warship docks in Alexandria harbor. Macky learns from Portia that the ship’s mission is to attack the rebels resisting the Romans in Galilee. Macky inspires his friend Sollie to come up with a plan to sink the ship. Through their experiences and retelling of their people’s stories – the adventure of David and Goliath, and the story of how God releases Peter from prison – children will learn the importance of feeling God’s protection, not being afraid, and never giving up hope.


Bible Stories: David the Musician and King Saul (1 Samuel 17:1-51), David and Goliath (1 Samuel 16:14-23), God releases Peter from Prison (Acts 12:1-17).

False Heroes


Macky and the family take a risk and give shelter to two men they think are fugitive rebels. Through their experiences and retelling of their people’s stories – Rahab and the Spies, and Peter Heals Aeneas and Raises Tabitha – we learn the importance of caring for others and remaining hopeful.


Bible Stories: Rahab and the Spies (Joshua 2:1-24; 6:22-25) and Peter heals Aeneas and Raises Tabitha (Acts 9:32-42).

True Heroes


After intelligence reports of rebels entering the city by sea, Tiberius orders the famous lighthouse extinguished. Through the exploits of Macky and the gang– and retelling the stories of Gideon and the Midianites, Jesus’ Birth, and the Revelation to the Shepherds– we discover how important it is to make a difference and value everyone.


Bible Stories: Gideon and the Midianites (Judges 6:1-16; 7:1-22) and Jesus’ Birth and the Revelation to the Shepherds (Luke 2:1-38).

Sweet Freedom


Macky and the gang plan to rescue some slaves forced to work in the Roman granaries. Through their experiences and retelling of their people’s stories – Moses and the Egyptian Slavemaster and Saul on the road to Damascus – we learn the importance of taking a stand and choosing the right path.


Bible Stories: Moses and the Egyptian Slavemaster (Exodus 2:1-15) and Saul on the Road to Damascus (Acts 9:1-18).

Lost In Alexandria


Little Leah goes missing in the back streets of the city and is tricked into enslavement in a sweatshop run by Toadie. With help from Portia, Macky works to foil the scheme. The retelling of the stories of Ruth and Naomi and the Parable of the Good Samaritan help us to discover how important it is to accept others and be a true friend.


Bible Stories: Ruth and Naomi (Ruth 1:1-22; 2:1-16) and the Parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:30-37).

The One That Got Away


While Macky and the girls are minding the shop, a petty thief steals a silver fish with vital information to the rebel movement engraved on it. Can the gang get the fish back? Through their adventures and retelling of their people’s stories – Peter and John Heal a Lame Man and Shadrach and the Furnace – we learn the importance of doing right and keeping true.


Bible Stories: Peter and John Heal a Lame Man (Acts 3:1-16; 4:1-22; 5:17-42) and Shadrach and the Furnace (Daniel 3:1-27).

Doing Our Part


It’s Purim time, and while Macky, Sollie, and the kids act out the story of brave Queen Esther, Diana too shows courage as she tries to lead destitute refugees through the dangerous streets. She also recounts the tale of Joseph of Cyprus (Barnabas) to her Roman jailor. Through our friends’ exploits and the retelling of these stories, we understand how important it is to be brave and generous.


Bible Stories: Esther the Queen (Esther 2-7) and Joseph of Cyprus (Acts 4:32-37).



Leah is out on Macky’s horse without permission and easily outrides a spoiled Roman boy, who then challenges her to a horse race so he can salvage his damaged pride. The stories of Joseph and His Brothers and Philip and Simon the Sorcerer help explain to Leah and the others how important it is to show forgiveness and have true values.


Bible Stories: Joseph and his Brothers (Genesis 37:1-4, 18-36; 41:41-57; 42-44; 45:1-15) and Philip and Simon the Sorcerer (Acts 8:4-23).



As Macky’s family and guests celebrate Passover, Portia brings her Roman tutor with her to dinner but Leah recalls Lydia from a previous encounter. As a result, Lydia gets Toadie to intimidate the whole family… but after retelling the stories of Moses and the Exodus and The Last Supper the family is inspired to overcome their fear and accept that they must move on.


Bible Stories: Moses and the Exodus (Exodus 3; 4:1-12; 5; 7:14-25; 8-14) and the Last Supper (Matthew 26:17-30).

No Way Out


Macky and his family have left Alexandria and sought out safety in the desert, but news from Sollie takes our heroes back to the city where they encounter an old adversary who has learned some important lessons. The story of Jonah and the Big Fish and the arable of The Prodigal Son show our friends how important it is to be obedient and to strive to make positive choices.


Bible Stories: Jonah and the Big Fish (Jonah 1-2; 3:1-6) and The Parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32).

No Turning Back


With Samuel imprisoned and Caleb injured, Macky, Portia and the gang devise a scheme to use storm rainwater to flood the palace jail, hoping to force the guards to open the jail doors. Portia is given worrying news by Tiberius, and Macky reaches one of the most important decisions of his life. Our friends retell the stories of Elijah and the Prophets of Baal and The First Pentecost, which help them understand the true value of steadfastness and of God’s inspiration.


Bible Stories: Elijah and the Prophets of Baal (1 Kings 17:1; 18:1,5-8,16-39; 19:1-16) and the First Pentecost (Acts 2:1-21).

One Of Us


Macky arrives in Jerusalem disguised as a member of Portia’s entourage and soon comes across both some old adversaries and several new friends. Awed by the sight of the besieged city, he tells Portia the story of Jesus in the Temple as a boy and a mysterious Roman soldier tells Macky how King David captured Jerusalem, reminding him that great obstacles may be overcome.


Bible Stories: Jesus in the Temple (Luke 2:41-52) and King David captures Jerusalem (2 Samuel 5:1-9; 1 Chronicles 11:1-9).

Over Walls


Macky is now a dependable courier between Jerusalem and the outside world but he’s soon given a job by Sarah, which might be too much for even him. Our friends retell the stories of Jacob and Esau and how Paul escaped in a basket, which help them learn the true value of trust.


Bible Stories: Paul escapes in a basket (2 Corinthians 11:32-33) and Jacob and Esau (Genesis 25, 27, 32 and 33).

The Ram


The Romans decide to bring in a huge battering ram to break through the walls of Jerusalem. The zealots in the city draw strength and understanding about fighting bullies from the story of Elijah, Ahab and Naboth’s Vineyard. Macky receives help from Lucius, the Roman Centurion, who is inspired by the story of Paul and the Shipwreck, to love and help those who may seem to be his enemies.


Bible Stories: Elijah, Ahab and Naboth’s Vineyard (1 Kings 21) and Paul and the Shipwreck (Acts 27; 2 Corinthians 11:25).

Rescue Strangers


Macky may be getting a little full of himself in this adventure! Isaac retells the story of Paul and Barnabas, who objected to be treated as gods in Lystra, to remind him to be humble. Later when a stranger named Tamar urges him to attempt a risky mission, Macky rashly agrees and Portia is angry with Macky for rejecting her advice in favour of a stranger’s. Isaac tells the story of Michal’s rescue of David from King Saul in order to remind Portia to care for others and stir her into action.


Bible Stories: Paul and Barnabas (Acts 14:8-20) and Michal’s rescue of David from Saul (1 Samuel 18:6-11; 19:9-18).

Prince For A Day


Macky sets out to rescue the real Daniel, this time disguised as a Roman noble. Isaac retells the story of Paul and Elymas to underscore the danger of trying to be something you’re not. Later Macky contrasts the Romans’ over-abundance and lack of gratitude with his own people’s tribulations by telling Portia the story of Moses and the Miracle Water.


Bible Stories: Paul and Elymas (Acts 13:4-12) and Moses and the Miracle Water (Exodus 15:22-25; 16:1-3,11-15; 17:1-6).

Unwilling Guests


Toadie convinces General Tiberius to allow him to take hostages from the nearby villages, to be executed if Macky doesn’t turn himself in. Macky must go to the heart of the Roman camp once again, to try and stop the executions. Our friends retell the stories of how David spares Saul’s life and Paul, Silas and the earthquake, to learn the importance of mercy and doing right.


Bible Stories: David Spares Saul’s life (1 Samuel 26) and Paul, Silas and the earthquake (Acts 16:16-36).

Aid And Comfort


Toadie has a fever and only Macky can get the medicine that will save him. After hearing the story of Elisha and Naaman, Macky accepts that even the enemy should be helped. Macky makes the perilous trip to the Roman camp, only to find that Antonius is also ill. In an attempt to bring hope to them all, Lucius tells how Jesus cured the sick woman. Macky hands over the precious medicine and hopes he is in time to cure both Toadie and Antonius.


Bible Stories: Elisha and Naaman (2 Kings 5:1-17) and Jesus cures a sick woman (Mark 5:21, 25-34).



After hearing the story of Herod and the Wise Men, Portia hatches a plan which could force her uncle and the Romans to allow Jerusalem’s children to escape safely. Despite her efforts, the children don’t want to leave. As Tiberius and the Roman army prepare to attack, Macky tells the children about the boy Samuel and Eli, to help them make a difficult decision.


Bible Stories: Herod and the Wise Men (Matthew 2:1-18) and Samuel and Eli (1 Samuel 1:1-28, 3:1-19).

The Big Lift


As the people in Jerusalem starve, Macky finds bags of grain which Toadie has stolen and hidden in the Roman camp. With the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand in mind, Macky must work out how to take the grain into the city. As a confused Toadie realises he has outsmarted himself, Macky and his friends hear the story of Elisha and the story of the woman with the olive oil, in which the widow’s oil increased beyond all expectation.


Bible Stories: Jesus feeds the five thousand (Mark 6:30-44) and Elisha and the woman with olive oil (2 Kings 4:1-7,42-44).



The Romans are tearing down homes outside Jerusalem and using them for building material. To calm Rachel’s fears, Isaac tells the story of how Jethro the Midianite welcomed Moses the stranger. Now Isaac must collapse the tunnels beneath their home to prevent Toadie discovering the trail to the rebel safe houses. Our friends also retell how Paul escaped from the mob to underline the value of helping others and overcoming difficulties.


Bible Stories: Jethro the Midianite welcomes Moses the stranger (Exodus 2:11-23) and Paul escapes from the mob (Acts 17:1-10a).

Desperate Measures


The zealots decide to kidnap General Tiberius to try to speed up the negotiations with the Romans. Macky isn’t sure if this is the right thing to do and tells the story of Solomon’s Wisdom as he makes his choice. Later Macky gets a nasty surprise when he discovers Amikam’s real plan and refuses to go along with it. As a result Macky is captured by the Romans.


Bible Stories: Solomon’s Wisdom with a baby (1 Kings 3:16-28) and Paul appeals to Caesar (Acts 24:27; 25:12).

Toadie On Trial


Macky fails to escape from the Roman camp and Toadie accuses Portia of being a rebel sympathiser. Lucius tells Antonius and Flore the story of Paul’s disappearance , before he leaves camp to deliver food to Isaac’s family, now living in the mountain caves. Brutacus brings the terrible news of Lucius which changes Macky’s situation and it seems that Portia’s plan may now work.


Bible Stories: Paul’s Disappearance (Acts 28:15-24, 30-31) and Moses in the Desert (Exodus 16:11-26).



Macky is still imprisoned when Tiberius launches his final assault on Jerusalem. Macky begs Portia to help Sarah. As the attack continues, in the mountain caves, Rachel and Flore recall the story of Noah and the Ark. Later Isaac tells Portia about Paul speaking to Agrippa and his strength in the face of despair. As the series comes to a close in this episode we find our friends, and some of their old adversaries, setting off to an uncertain future.


Bible Stories: Noah and the Ark (Genesis 6-8; 9:12-17) and Paul speaks to Agrippa (Acts 25:13 to 26:1, 9-29).

Gladiator School


Macky and Portia finally arrive in Rome, but under very different conditions: Portia is welcomed as the niece of Rome’s famous General Tiberius, while Macky has arrived in chains… and that’s just the beginning of his problems. He has been sold to a school for gladiators! Macky tells the story of Amos speaking out, and recalls the preaching of John the Baptist, to remind us of brave men who spoke out against corruption.


Bible Stories: Amos speaks out (Amos 7:10-17) and John the Baptist (Luke 3:1-16, 21-22).

School’s Out


When Macky refuses to kill another trainee during practice, the gladiator school manager decides to send him to the arena the next day. Because he won’t kill, he will almost certainly be killed. Portia goes to Senator Antonius, who has spoken out on behalf of the Friends of Jesus in the Senate. But Antonius seems unwilling to help. We hear the story of King David and Three Soldiers, and Antonius tells Portia about Jesus speaking in Nazareth.


Bible Stories: David and Three Soldiers (2 Samuel 23:13-17) and Jesus Speaks in Nazareth (Luke 4:14-24, 28-30).

Friends, Romans, and Mystery Men


Macky is now a slave in Senator Antonius’s home. After telling the story of Jesus calming the storm to the Senator’s two children, to help them get to sleep during a dramatic storm, Macky discovers something extraordinary about their father. We hear of the trust between David and Jonathan, while Macky succeeds in foiling a trap laid by Brutacus and the mysterious Masked Rebel considers acquiring a daring young partner.


Bible Stories: Jesus Calms the Storm (Mark 4:35-41) and David and Jonathan (1 Samuel 18:5-9; 20)

Sowing The Seeds


Toadie has a new job: he’s managing a gladiator, and finds he must resort to his usual cheating habits. Macky tells the story of David and Mephibosheth to explain the importance of helping others, and Antonius retells the Parable of the Sower, and the story of the House built on Rock to underline the need for solid foundations in life.


Bible Stories: David and Mephibosheth (2 Samuel 4:4; 5:1-3; 9), the Parable of the Sower (Matthew 13:1-9), and the House built on Rock (Matthew 7:24-29).

Senators Only


Marcus has an evil plan in the works, and he’s enlisted Toadie to help him. Meanwhile, Antonius tells Macky about Abraham and three strangers, and recalls the story of Jesus and Zacchaeus the tax collector, and how Zacchaeus soon changed his dishonest ways. Determined to find out what’s going on, Portia sets out to do some detective work at a mysterious warehouse where she runs into Macky, who then gets into serious trouble.


Bible Stories: Abraham and Three Strangers (Genesis 18:1-15; 21:1-7) and Jesus and Zacchaeus the Tax Collector (Luke 19:1-10).

Senators First


Macky escapes from the warehouse with Portia, but he is badly injured. Trying to keep Macky conscious on the way home, Portia gets him to focus on the story of Joseph and Pharaoh’s Dreams. Later Portia finds she must take the lead in foiling Marcus’s plot, while Macky remains on his sickbed and Sophia tells a frightened Felix how Jesus brought Jairus’s daughter back to life.


Bible Stories: Joseph and Pharaoh’s Dreams (Genesis 40:1-8; 41:1-44) and Jesus Raises Jairus’s Daughter (Luke 8:40-56).

Rome Alone


Convinced he knows who the Masked Rebel is, Marcus orders Toadie to spy on Antonius. Felix hears the story of Jesus healing blind Bartimaeus and learns the importance of having faith. Meanwhile, Absolom encourages Macky by retelling the story of Samuel anointing Saul. Toadie sneaks into Antonius’s house believing no-one is home, but has a surprise coming when he discovers someone is in after all!


Bible Stories: Jesus Heals Blind Bartimaeus (Mark 10:46-52) and Samuel Anoints Saul (1 Samuel 9; 10:1-16).

Give And Take


Macky and the Masked Rebel rescue some slaves from certain death in the Circus Maximus, and as the scared slaves hide from their pursuers, Absolom reassures them with the story of Elijah and the Poor Widow. An angry Marcus orders Aemelia to be jailed, planning to use Babatunji as bait. Later, Babatunji hears the Parable of the Lost Sheep, and helps Antonius in a daring prisoner swap, understanding now that God cares for each of us.


Bible Stories: Elijah and the Poor Widow (1 Kings 17:1-16) and the Parable of the Lost Sheep (Matthew 18:10-14).

Spies and Lies


Macky urges Antonius to speak out against Marcus in the Senate, but Antonius is reluctant to openly confront Marcus, reminding Macky of the importance of doing right when he tells the story of Jesus riding into Jerusalem. Macky responds with the story of Jesus and the Moneylenders in the Temple. Later Antonius is wrongly arrested after accusations by Marcus. To give Macky and Portia encouragement, Felix and Sophia tell the story of Jesus healing a Paralysed Man.


Bible Stories: Jesus rides into Jerusalem (Mark 11:1-11), Jesus and the Moneylenders (Mark 11:15-17), and Jesus Heals a Paralyzed Man (Mark 2:1-12).



Hoping to gain approval and payment, Toadie informs Antonius that Marcus is planning to rob Rome’s treasury. Antonius tells The Parable of the Tenants in the Vineyard to remind Macky that things can be seen differently. When Toadie appears asking to be rewarded, Macky tells him the story of Jesus and the Widow’s Offering to explain how the poor woman quietly donated all she had. Later Macky and the Masked Rebel confront Marcus and his men inside the treasury and Antonius tells Macky the story of Jesus and the Roman Tax.


Bible Stories: The Parable of the Tenants in the Vineyard (Mark 12:1-9), Jesus and the Widow’s Offering (Mark 12:41-44), and Jesus and the Roman Tax (Mark 12:13-17).



News arrives that Felix is in trouble and later Antonius is arrested. Through the stories of Jesus washing the Disciples’ feet, Jesus and the Lepers and the Last Supper and Jesus’ Arrest, we learn the importance of humility.


Bible Stories: Jesus washes the Disciples’ feet (John 13:2-15), Jesus and the Lepers (Luke 17:11-19), and the Last Supper and Jesus’ Arrest (Mark 14:17-19, 29-46, 53, 66-72).

Trials and Tribulations


Portia seeks the Emperor’s help to get Antonius released, but the Emperor decides not to intervene. Our friends recall how Jesus appeared before Pilate, and the events which took place as Jesus carried his cross, and at The Crucifixion.


Bible Stories: Jesus Before Pilate (Mark 15:1-15), Jesus Carries His Cross (Mark 15:16-23), and the Crucifixion (Mark 15:24-37).

The Road Ahead


Macky finally decides he must leave Rome. Now Portia must decide what she wants her future to be! We hear the stories of Jesus being seen on the road to Emmaus, the Rich Young Man and the Ten Commandments, reminding us to make good choices in life.


Bible Stories: Jesus Seen on the Road (Luke 24:13-43), Jesus and the Rich Young Man (Mark 10:17-23), and Moses and the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:1-17).

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