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How To Talk to Your Kids About Jesus, The Great Physician

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By Jessica Wolstenholm

For the last four days I’ve been playing the role of “nurse-mom”. It’s a role in which many of you are very familiar. Like a lot of families during this flu season, we have had an un-welcomed visit from a nasty virus. Ours happened to be of the stomach variety. It hit both kids pretty […]

For Moms: Finding Time Everyday to Get Into God’s Word

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By Jessica Wolstenholm

It’s a well known fact among those who know me best that I love to sleep in. I’m a night owl by nature, so early morning schedules have always been tough for me to embrace. But I’m also a mom, and that means I’m the one who gets all the little people in our house […]

How To Talk To Your Kids About Trusting God

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By Jessica Wolstenholm

Why do bad things happen to good people? We’ve all asked that question at one time or another. It seems like when there are circumstances either in our own lives or in the lives of others around us which are unjustified or unfair, we look up and ask, “why?”. If God loves us, why would […]

From Fathers to Their Children {Psalm 139}

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By Jessica Wolstenholm

Next up in our guest blog series about celebrating & encouraging fathers in the month of June is a post from Jesse Smith, who blogs at I’m not sure who put the little headings at the beginning of sections of scripture, but sometimes I think they got it wrong. In the NIV, Psalm 139 […]

What Does The Bible Tell Us About the Role of Fathers?

By Jessica Wolstenholm

June is the month we set aside to honor our fathers. It’s a time to reflect on, and then celebrate, the role our fathers play (or have played) in our lives. Instead of just one article focusing on dad this month, we’ll be discussing different elements of fatherhood throughout the month of June with a […]

Verses For Helping Our Kids Deal With School Stress

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By Jessica Wolstenholm

The school year brings specific challenges that kids might sometimes have trouble with. Maybe you can remember back to your own youth – what helped you get through tough school days and stressful exams? More importantly, how will you calm your own child’s nerves? How will you reassure them if they worry about doing poorly? […]

What Mary Can Teach Us About Motherhood

By Jessica Wolstenholm

This Sunday we celebrate our mothers. It’s probably impossible to look at motherhood, through God’s plan, without looking at Mary the mother of Jesus. Is there any other woman in history whose role is better defined as that of a mother than Mary? The Messiah could have come to earth as a fully-grown man. God […]

How To Talk To Your Kids About Death and Heaven

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By Jessica Wolstenholm

Death and Heaven. Not necessarily easy subjects to discuss, even for a Christian adult. While our faith rests in the hope of Eternal Life through Christ, for most of us, the death of a loved one who is a believer is still something with which we struggle to understand and cope with. We may wonder […]

3 Way to Cultivate a Heart of Worship in Your Kids

By Jessica Wolstenholm

The sights, smells and sounds of spring are all around us. Do you see the daffodils bursting forth from the soil? Do you smell freshly-cut grass or hyacinth filling the air? Do you hear birds chirping and children playing outside? All of these things are beckoning us to slow down and take notice of the […]