You’re A Father Forever

By Jessica Wolstenholm

Today’s guest post is by Aaron Conrad, who blogs about faith & fatherhood at

I was recently reading a new book by Mark Merrill called All Pro Dad. One particular quote jumped off of the page and grabbed my attention. The quote simply said “Realize that you’re a father forever.” I remember when our children were much younger and we entered the tough phases of childhood. I found myself often looking ahead and hoping we “get through this phase soon”. The reality of that statement is that the phases change, but being a Dad never ends. The phases, challenges, changes, wisdom and guidance continue on.

Dads, our role is huge. The investment is well worth the time. No other investment will remain for literally generations. Our words, our encouragement, our discipline are molding and shaping our little ones. If you’re like me, time can be a valuable commodity and limited. I have to daily remind myself of the short time all three of our children will be in our care. In a blink, they will move from children to teens and to young adults. Each moment I can spend playing catch, reading a story, having a lunch date or simply catching a movie will plant seeds and create relationship.

I once heard a story that I often think about when I am short on time. While a bit heavy, it always reminds me of how valuable my relationship with all three of my children is.

A young boy and his father sat in the doctor’s office; the doctor motioned to the father to come out in the hall with him. As they stood in the hallway, the doctor delivered the news that this man’s young son had a terminal illness, which would soon take his life. The father told the doctor that he would like to be the one to tell his son the news. The doctor agreed and the father and son went home.

As they stood in the backyard, the father explained what the doctor had told him and how sorry he was. The son listened to the news, paused, and then walked a few yards away for some time alone. When he returned to his father, he had a smile on his face. The father asked why he was smiling and if he was going to be alright. To which the son replied:

“While I was alone, I was talking with God. I was thinking about heaven and what that would be like. Then I thought of Jesus and how I will one day be with him. I realized that, if he is anything like you, I know I will be alright”.

Dads, our time is so limited. Our investments in our kids will last for generations. Take time today to ask each child if they know you love them and HOW they know. You’ll be surprised by the answers. I also highly recommend the new book “All Pro Dad” by Mark Merrill. It’s an outstanding resource no matter where you are in the fatherhood journey. Remember, you’re a father forever.


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