Walk Your Family Through the Bible: Exodus

By Editorial Team

Happy New Year! We’re launching a series here on the Minno Life blog to help your family learn the whole Bible this year – with Buck Denver and Friends. You can stream the whole What’s in the Bible? series on Minno, and blogger Jess Wolstenholm will chronicle a volume each month with discussion ideas and activities to go along with each volume. Check out the first post in the series about Genesis here.  

My husband and I have had many conversations lately about sin as it relates to our children. We’ve been discussing how we want to present the idea of sin and salvation to our kids (ages 6 and 3). While we don’t ever want to water down the Gospel, we want their faith foundation to be one of peace and confidence, not fear and intimidation. When I was growing up, there was no gentle delivery of the fact that you either accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior or you spend eternity in hell. Our hope is to find a language of love that first and foremost reminds our children that they are God’s beloved. Then as we share the story of the Bible with them, they will build their understanding of truth on the foundation of God’s love.

Our greatest take away from this episode of What’s In The Bible? is Phil Vischer’s wonderful explanation and delivery of the key concepts of SIN and REDEMPTION. The language he uses to describe these foundations of faith is full of truth and hope. It isn’t scary or intimidating. It doesn’t make you feel like you will never measure up. Because he shared these concepts in the framework of the Story. . .the Bible. Sin, when talked about all on its own, is something that can make us feel ashamed or weak. But when we understand where sin originated and why we deal with it today, we are better equipped to address it in our own lives. What’s in the Bible? has given us a great foundation to build conversation upon as we continue to share the Gospel with our children. 

Despite the “serious” content in these episodes, my kiddos loved “Let My People Go” and we’ve actually watched it four times this week. It never gets old to hear Sunday School Lady lose it over The DaVinci Code while she explains how scripture was canonized. A highlight of the Exodus DVD for me was the story of Moses and the burning bush. This was my favorite Bible story as a child and my kids loved hearing that fact and learning the story themselves.

What we found in Volume 2 “Let My People Go”:

Key Concepts:

    • Salvation
    • Redemption


    • Patriarchs
    • Scripture Cannon


    • Moses
    • The Plagues
    • Passover
    • Ten Commandments


As we guide our family through the history of the Bible and Exodus in Volume 2, here are a few things we are keeping in mind:

    • Once again, and especially since we’ll be digging into the idea of sin this month, we’ll first and foremost remind our children that they are created and loved by God. We’ll be focusing on the origin of sin and how it affects us today.
    • The idea of redemption may be hard for children to understand. Phil uses some wonderfully simple language to explain it including the idea of God’s rescue plan.
    • As we retell each Bible story of Exodus, we’ll look for take-aways that apply to our daily lives. For example, Moses’ life = trust. Ten Commandments = obedience.
    • The Easter season is right around the corner, so this is the perfect time to talk about Passover and how it is observed.

A few discussion ideas we’ll be using this month:

    • Sin and Salvation – We’ll share the Gospel message with our children, which doesn’t actually come into reality until the New Testament but still, is the foundation of the story we are telling.
    • Genealogy and Family Story – We’ll focus on the idea of generations and family story as we discuss the Patriarchal history that is covered in these episodes. God’s rescue plan was so important, he involved many men and women who played a large role because of their obedience and trust in God.
    • Moses – We’ll talk about being chosen by God as Moses was, reminding our children that even those that are chosencannot fulfill God’s plan if they do not trust and obey. Moses endured many years of hardship but he was always faithful to God.
    • The Ten Commandments – We’ll explain that God’s commandments are our guidelines for living. They teach us boundaries and guide us in how to live a life that is pleasing to God.

Just like Moses led his people on their journey to the promised land, we have the great responsibility and privilege of leading our families through the Story of their lives that began thousands of years before they were born. I am so thankful we don’t have to walk alone. With resources like What’s In The Bible?, along with the leading of the Holy Spirit, we can confidently guide our children along their journey of faith.

Have you shared What’s In The Bible?  with your kids? What has been your greatest takeaway?

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