Use Playtime to Help Your Kids Build Faith

By Jessica Wolstenholm


Weaving faith-building into every area of family interaction can help you cultivate a culture of faith in your home. When we practice this habit, it becomes part of our family DNA. Putting God and faith at the forefront of our minds empowers us to engage our children in life-changing conversations in small, everyday moments.

Playtime can be a great opportunity for parents, even if it isn’t one we think of all the time. It’s easy to focus on our to-do list (and honestly, we’re often thankful for a few minutes to ourselves while they are busy playing) and then miss out on these building block moments with our children (pun intended!).

When we connect with our children on their territory, we send the message that what matters to them matters to us. And so in time . . . what matters to us—God and His truth—will matter more to them.

Playtime Conversation Starters to Help Your Kids Build Faith

Create faith-building moments in the midst of ordinary playtime with these conversation starters:


SHARE: It’s so fun to build with Legos + blocks. The Bible talks a lot about building. It reminds us to build on a firm foundation.

ASK: What do you think it means to build our lives on a strong foundation? Why is it important?

READ: Matthew 7:24-27


SHARE: I love pretending with these dolls. Know what I love even more? Being your mom for real. (Share 2-3 things you love about your child.)

ASK: What is your favorite thing about the way God made you?

READ: Psalm 139:14


SHARE: It’s so helpful to have vehicles to get us from one place to another. I am thankful for our car because it gets us to our destination safely.

ASK: Do you know who also helps us get to where we are going safely?

READ: Proverbs 3:5-6


SHARE: I love watching you care for your special animal friends. You are so kind and tenderhearted.

ASK: Why do you think it’s important to be kind and gentle with our friends?

READ: Ephesians 4:32


SHARE: It’s so fun to dress up and pretend to be a _________! It’s exciting to dream about all that we can be someday.

ASK: What do you want to be when you grow up?

READ: Jeremiah 29:11


SHARE: You are going to make a great mommy/daddy someday! It’s so special to be a part of a family. And it’s even more wonderful to be a part of God’s family!

ASK: How does it feel to know you are a child of God?

READ: 1 John 3:1


SHARE: You are so creative! I love the way you ____________. You know who else is a creator? God! He made the whole world out of nothing. Our creativity comes from him, the ultimate Creator!

ASK: What are your favorite things about God’s creation?

READ: Ephesians 2:10 (NLT)

. . . . . . . . . .

We pray that your playtime is transformed into beautiful moments of connection as you practice these conversation starters.