Top 10 Minno Life Blogs of 2016

By Melanie Rainer

What a year for Minno! We have loved welcoming many of you to our new parents blog, which we launched in May. It has been a blessing to work with our many talented writers and to share the best articles about Christian parenting. Check out our top 10 blogs from 2016, and join us for more amazing content in 2017!


10. Free Summer Olympics Activity Pack

The Summer Games! Don’t they feel like FOREVER ago? We loved sharing in one of our favorite quadrennial traditions with you all through our free downloadable activity pack. Tune in in 2018 for a snowy version!


9. 5 Scriptures About Christmas Children Should Know

This very practical posts outlines 5 famous verses about Christmas for you to help your kids memorize during the holiday season.


8. Who is Emmanuel?

A wonderful video from Why Do We Call It Christmas? and accompanying blog post explains who Emmanuel is and why he came.  

7. Old Testament Heroes Family Devotional Plan

This year, we launched the Minno 5 Minute Family Devotional – free, easy-to-use video devotionals for you and your family to do together. We loved the Old Testament Heroes plan, which took 25 days to learn the stories of 25 Old Testament characters. Check it out here.


6. 3 Bible Stories to Teach Kids about Relationships

The 3 Bible Stories series was one of our most popular this year, and you’ll see several more from that series show up on this list. In this post, Jess Wolstenholm suggests studying Jesus, Ruth and David to learn about relationships.

5. 5 Things Parents Should Know about Pokemon Go

Wow – Pokemon Go may feel like yesterday’s pop culture phenomenon, but it became the hit new game this July. With parents and kids alike wanting to play it, Pokemon Go captured the attention of whole families. Minno CTO John Henderson offered 5 tips for parents about the popular mobile game.


4. 3 Bible Stories to Teach Your Kids about Forgiveness

Looking to help your kids understand forgiveness? Jess Wolstenholm suggests these 3 Bible stories – Jesus, the Prodigal Son, and the Unforgiving Servant.


3. 3 Bible Stories to Teach Your Kids about Faith

Teaching your kids about faith can be tricky, but we have a few ideas for Bible stories to help your kids see the faith at work in the Bible. Start with David and Goliath, the parable of the mustard seed, and Jesus calming the storm.

2. 3 Bible Stories to Teach Your Kids about Love

Many parents want their kids to understand how much Jesus loves them and how to love their neighbors. This post is a great place to start with 3 Bible stories about love – Jesus, Zaccheus and the Good Samaritan.


1. Halloween: The Meaning, History and Christian Response

Our most popular blog this year was about Halloween! Helping parents navigate what can be a tricky holiday, this post gives the history of Halloween as well as practical tips for celebrating it as Christians.