New Storybook Bible for Kids from Phil Vischer

By Jessica Wolstenholm


We know you want to help your kids understand God’s story and what it means for their lives.

Yeah, that’s a BIG task!

One of the best tools you can have is a storybook Bible for kids that teaches how each big, Bible moment fits together into God’s great story and even more, how YOU and YOUR KIDS fit into the Story.

Maybe you’re frustrated that most children’s Bibles are either too simple or too complex. Has the lack of a really good resource made teaching the Bible to your kids feel impossible?

We believe you should feel empowered to lead your children in learning about God even if you are still growing yourself.

That’s why we created the Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids: The Gospel in Fifty-Two Five Minute Bible Stories. Written by VeggieTales™ and What’s In The Bible? creator, Phil Vischer, the Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids includes a year’s worth of beautifully illustrated Bible stories plus a whole lot of bonus content to help you and your kids follow the Gospel from Genesis to Revelation.

L&G Cover 3D Mock_FINAL SM.png

Introducing the Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids

The Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids is unlike any other children’s storybook Bible! Our goal is to turn Bible storytime into a life-changing experience for you and your kids. If you’ve ever watched VeggieTales™ or What’s In The Bible? you know that Phil Vischer has a unique gift for unpacking Biblical truth in a way that truly engages kids. It’s hard to believe the Laugh and Learn Bible for Kids is Phil’s FIRST EVER storybook Bible!

What’s Included in this New Storybook Bible for Kids?

Besides fifty-two whimsical retellings, the Bible includes maps, charts, and other visual aids to help the Bible come alive for kids. Broken into sections (The Pentateuch, Historical Books, Writings and Prophets, The Gospels, Acts, Letters, and Revelation) the Bible guides readers on a fun and exciting journey through God’s story. You’ll laugh, you’ll probably cry, and you’ll be amazed at how your family begins to understand God’s rescue plan and His great love for you.

Family Connection bonus content at the end of each story to help you explore, talk, and pray together:

TRICKY BITS answer tough questions.

FUN FACTS provide details and context.

EVERYDAY TRUTH gives a clear, memorable takeaway.

TALK prompts help you start faith-building conversations.

PRAY prompt allows you to talk to God together.

Other bonus content to help you get a big picture view of the Biblical narrative:

  • Bible section introductions that give context clues.
  • Map of Egypt to the Promised Land.
  • Women of the Bible list for further exploration.
  • Bible facts and a list to memorize its books.
  • God’s family tree. Trace it from Abraham to Jesus!
  • Map of Paul’s missionary journeys.

*For images and a list of the Bible stories, browse the product page.