Minno Shows to Keep Your Kids Learning Over the Summer

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School’s out for summer! This means long, sometimes lazy days where a little screen time would give everyone a break . . . or busy, camp-and-sports-filled days that end with snacks and snuggles on the couch. Either way, Minno has your back this summer for quality Christian shows that your kids will love and will keep them learning about the things that matter most.

Here are a few of our favorite shows for summer learning, which you can find on Minno. Not a member? Sign up for a free 7-day trial today.

Minno Shows to Keep Your Kids Learning Over Summer

Shows for Social-Emotional Learning

The Adventures of Napkin Man

Mr. Anthony is a thoughtful teacher that helps his students learn how to appropriately handle all of their big, and sometimes confusing, emotions. Together with his trusted superhero sidekick, Napkin Man, Mr. Anthony leads young learners on adventures that help them understand their feelings.

Pins and Nettie

Pins and Nettie are besties who love going on adventures together . . . most of time. Pins and Nettie can both be very shy, especially when encountering the unknown or unexpected. These adorable hedgehogs explore the shyness many preschoolers experience and reassure viewers that there is nothing wrong with being shy. It’s just a different way of being and taking in the world around you.

Treasure Champs

Join Kari and Barry as they explore what values are, why they matter, and how we can live them out!

Shows about the Bible

Buck Denver Asks … What’s in the Bible?

Newscaster Buck Denver and his friends go on a wacky, wonderful, educational and musical journey through the whole Bible – from Genesis to Revelation! Learn how all the stories of the Bible fit together to tell God’s great rescue plan.

60 Second Bible Stories

Learn some of the best-known Bible stories in just 60 seconds! In the amount of time it will take to say your ABCs you can learn about the Garden of Eden and Jonah and the Whale in these fun, cartoon Bible stories.

Micah’s Super Vlog: The Armor of God

Micah discovers something truly amazing in the Bible – six pieces of armor to defend himself against spiritual attacks. Join him as he learns to suit up and trust God while facing all kinds of obstacles at school!

Shows about Theology


Follow along with a group of student owls as they go on adventures and learn about nature, faith, and God!


Theo, a kind English gentleman, teaches to two friendly mice, Luther and Belfry, who always seem to get into sticky situations about God and the Bible.

Shows about Creativity, Science, and Art

Making Stuff

Wiz and Gears travel the world to factories and artist studios to see how incredible things are made. Exploring everyday objects such as crayons, musical instruments, foods, and more, the funny robot duo make the journey of discovery engaging and memorable.


Have you ever dreamed of exploring an island or traveling to the moon? Do you yearn to race cars or talk to a friendly bear? No problem! Everything is possible with Louie! With his help and Yoko’s, you’ll learn how to draw while having fun!