Setting Family Goals for the New Year

By Jessica Wolstenholm

Setting family goals is the perfect way to kick off the new year with focus and intention. Here’s how to get started. . .

Can you believe we are approaching another New Year? The New Year is always an exciting time to shed off the old things and step into the new things God has for us. And setting family goals is the perfect way to kick off the New Year!

When my husband and I were engaged in the fall of 1999, God laid it strongly upon our hearts to set goals for the upcoming year. The goals were mostly centered on Christ-like character and the type of wedding and marriage we wanted to have. God gave us several different reasons why goal setting needed to be a part of our family from that day forward. Today I am sharing 4 tips for setting family goals for the New Year.

4 Tips for Setting Family Goals for the New Year

1. Sit down as a family and talk about some things that you would like to accomplish together in the New Year.

This is such a wonderful and fun activity for the family. We began including the children when they were old enough to communicate and it has been such a blessing watching them contribute to the family goals from such a young age into teenage years. You’ll be surprised at the wonderful things your children are able to point out; children are truly such a blessing from the Lord!

Getting your children involved in goal setting gives your family the ability to grow closer as everyone feels valued and gets the satisfaction of contributing to the family “team”!

2. Set practical and realistic goals.

Be sure to set goals that your family is able to work towards and achieve together. It serves no purpose to set goals you are unable to accomplish. I am not saying to not have faith that God can do anything; but there is a time and a place for that and family goal setting is meant to be practical and build bonds between family members.

Goal setting is all about teaching hard work ethic, consistency, and faith in God all at the same time. It is an invaluable tool for your children to grow into adulthood using and they’ll thank you later.

3. Set measurable goals.

There is nothing like setting goals and tracking their progress. Both children and adults like to see themselves accomplish what they’ve worked hard together to achieve. There is something so rewarding for a family to measure their hard work together and conquer things as one!

A fun way to acknowledge goals that have been accomplished is to take the family out for a treat. It could be something fun like a day at the park or a special trip to your family’s favorite restaurant. Celebrating the goals you achieve together is a wonderful way to keep your family close and excited to conquer your future goals together.


4. Pray together over your goals.

There is something so amazing about being in a family that prays together. And there is nothing more beautiful that praying together about how to meet your family’s goals. Not only does praying over your family goals build everyone’s faith, it is also pleasing to God. This is also another great way to disciple your children in prayer!


From our first set of goals together over 17 years ago, to the goals we set together to this very day; we have been able to cross off every single one. This has been great evidence and a witness of Jesus at work in our lives. Goal setting is a great way to connect and dream together; all while keeping Christ at the very center of everything your family sets out to do. God is faithful!