Series Spotlight: Theo

By Jessica Wolstenholm


This week on Minno we’re featuring episodes from one of our favorite series, Theo!

About Theo

Theo is a kind English gentleman who teaches two friendly mice, Luther and Belfry, about God and the Bible.

What Parents Should Know

There are 16 full-episodes of Theo available on Minno, as well as a bonus music video featuring Ellie Holcomb’s song, “Love Never Fails”! Each episode of Theo is around 10-minutes long and opens up with whatever mischievous mice Luther and Belfry have gotten themselves into. Theo may explain a new term – such as “redemption” or “salvation” – before diving into a Shoebox Bible Theater segment. These beautifully animated segments, narrated by Theo, transport kids and families alike into the stories from the Bible and teach important Biblical truths that help the whole family grow in their faith. Each episode closes with Theo, Luther and Belfry as they apply what they’ve learned to their situation.

Below you’ll find the name of every episode, followed by the name of the Bible Shoebox Theater in parentheses, and a quick recap of what that segment covers:


  • Episode 1: The Good News – the good news of the Gospel

  • Episode 2: Saving Faith (Abraham: Father of the Faithful) – having a faith that is pleasing to God
  • Episode 3: Loving Obedience (Jonah: The Reluctant Prophet) – obeying God; God is loving and we can trust him

  • Episode 4: Forgiveness (The Unforgiving Servant) – forgiving others because God forgave us
  • Episode 5: Armor of God (The Armor of God) – putting on the full Armor of God to battle the enemy of our souls

  • Episode 6: Redemption (A Slave Set Free) – what it means to be redeemed, or purchased, by Jesus’ death and resurrection
  • Episode 7: New Birth (Born of the Spirit) – The story of Nicodemus and what it means to be born again
  • Episode 8: Redemption (A Tale of Three Crosses: The Guilty, the Innocent, and the Justified) – the story of the thief on the cross, who was justified by Jesus
  • Episode 9: Adoption (Beloved Orphan) – becoming sons and daughters of God
  • Episode 10: A Day in Prayer (When We Pray) – learning how and how not to pray
  • Episode 11: Abiding in Christ (Abiding in Christ) – Paul’s example of abiding in Christ despite difficult circumstances
  • Episode 12: Light Unto My Path (Word of God) – how the Bible guides every step we take
  • Episode 13: What is the Church? (The Church: Reflecting God’s Glory) – how the church started and what the church is
  • Episode 14: Fruit of the Spirit (Fruit of the Spirit) – the more the fruit of the Spirit grows in us, the more we look like Jesus
  • Episode 15: Salvation (The Romans Road) – salvation is a free gift, but we must receive it by faith
  • Episode 16: Love Thy Neighbor (The Parable of the Good Samaritan) – when we love others, we demonstrate our love for God

  • Episode 17: Bonus Music Video for “Love Never Fails” by Ellie Holcomb

For a more in-depth study on the topics in these episodes, be sure to check out these free parent guides made by the creators of Theo!


What We Love

The first thing you’ll notice about Theo is its beautiful art and animation. The show features several different styles of animation throughout each episode – all equally stunning! And while the show is grounded in Biblical truth with teaching from Theo, Luther and Belfry help to lighten the mood and make the whole family laugh – making this a must-watch for every Minno family.

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