Series Spotlight: The Torchlighters in Spanish

By Jessica Wolstenholm

This week in Series Spotlight, we’re talking about The Torchlighters – a series that depicts the true stories of heroes of the Christian faith, the sacrifices they made, and how their sacrifices impacted the world we live in today. In conjunction with this series spotlight, you can also find all 15 episodes in Spanish – perfect for Spanish-speaking families or families wanting to introduce a new language in their home. Check out The Torchlighters or The Torchlighters en Espanol on Minno today!

About The Torchlighters

The Torchlighters presents the stories of true-life heroes from Christian history! See what God can do through a “Torchlighter” and be challenged to carry your own torch while learning about the history of our faith.

What Parents Should Know

There are 15 episodes of The Torchlighters available on Minno, in both English and Spanish, and each episode features a different “torchlighter.” The episodes of The Torchlighters tell the stories of heroic individuals who often make sacrifices for their faith, including death. We suggest these episodes for children ages 8 and up, and encourage parents to watch along with their children and talk through the historical facts and consequences of following God. Each episode is about 30-40 minutes long and is self-contained – so they can be enjoyed separately from other episodes. Check out the episode listing and several preview clips below:

Episode 1: William Tyndale – Translated the Bible into English
Episode 2: Corrie Ten Boom – Helped protect Jews in World War 2
Episode 3: Samuel Morris – Fled Captivity, became a Christian & preached the Gospel
Episode 4: St. Augustine – Rejected fame & fortune to become a voice for truth
Episode 5: William Booth – Founder of The Salvation Army
Episode 6: Eric Liddell – Olympic athlete and missionary to China
Episode 7: Jim Elliot – Missionary to Ecuador

Episode 8: John Bunyan – Author of the Pilgrim’s Progress
Episode 9: Gladys Aylward – Missionary to China
Episode 10: Richard Wurmbrand – Fought for Religious Freedom, Founder of Voice of the Martyrs
Episode 11: Perpetua Story – A Christian woman who was imprisoned for her beliefs
Episode 12: Amy Carmichael – Missionary to India, where she opened an orphanage

Episode 13: John Wesley – Preached the Gospel to those outside of church walls
Episode 14: Robert Jermain Thomas – Missionary to China and Korea


Episode 15: Martin Luther – Sparked the Reformation with 95 Theses

What We Love

The Torchlighters tells the stories of Christians we may or may not be familiar with – in a format for the whole family. The series reminds us of those who have gone before us in faith and inspire us to carry our own torches forward, together. Check out the series on Minno today!

The Torchlighters en Español

¡Estamos felices de poder ofrecer The Torchlighters en Español a los suscriptores de Minno! The Torchlighters presenta a héroes de la vida real de la historia Cristiana. Cada uno de los 15 episodios disponibles presenta a un Torchlighter (antorcha) diferente. Este show es recomendado para niños mayores de 8 años, y animamos a los padres a verlos junto a sus hijos, para hablar sobre hechos históricos y las consecuencias de seguir a Dios. Cada episodio tienen una duración de 30-40 minutos, con historias diferentes por lo que pueden ser disfrutados por separado. ¡Échale un vistazo a estos clips y mira The Torchlighters en Español en Minno!

Originally published on July 10, 2017