Series Spotlight: One Minute Sports Clinic

By Jessica Wolstenholm

With summer season approaching, it’s important to get outside and soak in the sunshine! That’s why we’re featuring the series One Minute Sports Clinic on Minno.

About the Series

One Minute Sports Clinic teaches the basics of football, soccer, basketball, and cheering so that you can get outside and practice your newly learned skills!

What Parents Should Know

Each episode of One Minute Sports Clinic is just a couple minutes long and features expert instruction and kids just like yours! Sometimes Clive and Ian of What’s in the Bible? make an appearance too. In every episode, not only will kids learn new skills to take to the field, but they’ll also learn about Jesus and ways to incorporate their faith while playing sports! Below, you’ll find an overview of all the One Minute Sports Clinic episodes you’ll find on Minno, as well as some preview clips to get your family moving:

Football – In 10 episodes, kids will learn how to catch, grip, pass, and run the ball – as well as other important skills important to take to the field!

Soccer – In 13 episodes, kids will learn how to juggle and dribble the soccer ball, pass and receive the ball to and from teammates, shoot, and more!

Basketball – In these 10 episodes, kids will learn how to control and dribble the ball, pass to their teammates, shoot, rebound, and play defense on the court!

Cheering – In these 10 episodes, kids will learn the basics of cheering – from clapping and clasping their hands, to chanting their favorite cheers, to motions and jumps!

What We Love

These tutorials are a great introduction to football, soccer, basketball and cheering. We love that they teach kids the basics of several different sports and get them moving! Not only do they clearly demonstrate skills to take to the field or court, they also teach kids about Jesus and how to bring their faith to life in everything they do.

Watch all 43 episodes of One Minute Sports Clinic on Minno today – your first week is free!

Originally published on July 30, 2016