Series Spotlight: Nature of God

By Jessica Wolstenholm

This week, following Earth Day and leading into spring, we’re celebrating with a series spotlight on one of our favorite Minno shows, Nature of God!

About Nature of God

In this series, host Peter Schriemer takes viewers around the world to experience and learn all about God’s creation – both on land and in the sea!

What Parents Should Know

There are six half-hour episodes of Nature of God, all listed out below. The first three episodes are all ocean adventures, while the latter three episodes are wilderness discoveries. Perfect for the whole family, each episode will teach you all about the vast habitats and many animals that inhabit the world – and how God’s creation can be an inspiration to us.

1. Whales, Waves, and Ocean Wonders – Peter goes to the Pacific Reef to check out some of the ocean’s most interesting animals – whales, sea turtles, and more! In the clip below, learn about one of the friendliest sea animals, dolphins!

2. Fins, Foliage, and Shoreline Fun – On the Hawaiian shoreline, Peter checks out all sorts of plants and animals – from coconuts to hermit crabs!

3. Winged Creatures, Waterfalls, and Wild Reptiles – In this episode, Peter moves from the Hawaiian coastline to the forest and takes a close look at the Nene Goose, jackson’s chameleon, and the happy-faced spider.

4. Sand, Snakes, and Screeching Birds – Peter goes to America’s Great Lakes region to discover creatures along the freshwater beaches and dunes like the hognose snake, the tiger beetle, and the great horned owl!

5. Forest, Frogs, and Feisty Critters – Peter continues exploring the Great Lakes region and discovers animals like the tree frog and the hard to spot walking-stick!

6. Bugs, Bogs, and Spiky Beasts – Peter goes into Michigan’s north woods and stumbles upon a bald eagle taking flight, a water strider gliding across a pond, and a porcupine scaling a tree! In the clip below, learn about the crayfish – or what some call crawdads.

What We Love

Every episode of Nature of God is packed with tons of fun facts about the world we live in so that everyone in the family learns something new. Peter’s energy carries the show as he explores every habitat and grounds everything as being part of God’s creation. There’s nothing not to love about Nature of God – so check it out on Minno today!