Series Spotlight: Angel Wars

By Jessica Wolstenholm


This week on Minno we’re featuring the action-adventure series, Angel Wars!

About Angel Wars

Angel Wars follows a league of Angels known as the Guardian Force as they carry out the Maker’s will, bringing light to the darkness in the world. Led by the archangel, Michael, their missions range from protecting mortals to defeating demons.

What Parents Should Know

There are three half-hour episodes of Angel Wars on Minno that can be watched separately or enjoyed altogether – perfect for a family movie night! However, given the content of the show, little ones may find it scary  – so we recommend it for ages 8 and up. Check out three preview clips from the series below and stream the full episodes on Minno!

Episode 1 – About Face

Guardian Angels Eli and Kira find themselves in a bind in Morg’s lair when they try to save Norman. Will they escape?

Episode 2 – Over the Moon

In this action packed clip from Over the Moon, guardian angel Swift makes his way to the top of a volcano to retrieve the foundation stone.

Episode 3 – Grace and Glory

Q makes his way into the engine room to get the ship going again with Eli’s help – but will they make it out safely?

What We Love

The producers of Angel Wars have created an imaginative world akin to The Chronicles of Narnia or Lord of the Rings that exemplifies the temptations we face daily and how we cannot face them alone. This gives families opportunities for discussion about what it means to depend on God and make choices that honor him. Not only is the series thoughtful and challenging, it’s fast-paced, action-packed, and entertaining!

Start watching Angel Wars on Minno today – your first week is free!